More Food Lion Goon Harassment



It has been another long, trying day as a Targeted Individual. It is incredible, even to me, that I have lasted through such murderous abuse for so many years. There is nothing that these people don’t do.

Today, while watching television, I had to deal with the magnetic pull to my body on multiple occasions. The needles to my head have been non-stop. They don’t get tired.

Tonight, while at the Food Lion off of 29, I just knew that these people were going to show off and they did not disappoint. I was needled in my head while trying to read a magazine and my head began having that funny feeling again. I did feel the need to give them the finger quite a few times within the store. Who can blame me for being pissed off because they refuse to just leave me alone? Especially, when I can’t go anywhere without them talking me to death. I could hear them all over the place and it wasn’t just the voices of the people inside the store. It is like they are on some type of speaker system.

But, even though all of that was bad enough, the abuse did not end as I left the store.

While waiting for my stepmother to come out, I walked around outside in order to smoke a cigarette. As I stood beside her vehicle, a silver pickup truck drove slowly by in front of me.

For some reason, it seemed that he wanted my attention. He turned his towards me and gave me a big tooth smile but not just any smile. If any of you are familiar with a Cheshire cat smile then you will know what I am talking about.

Is it a coincidence that I previously wrote a poem and entered it in a contest called ‘In the Boom’ that made reference to a Cheshire cat grin? Maybe, maybe not.

One thing that T.I.s do know for sure is that these goons surveillance and manipulate everything that we do. Because of that, it is hard to believe that anything that now happens is just a coincidence.

Over time, the way they tease becomes hard to ignore. Sadly, it so often feels that they want you to know that they are the ones victimizing you. Yes, I know. Stupid right. Not really. Based on my own personal experience, they can be some very psychotic, sociopathic showoffs. Still think that T.I.s don’t know their abusers?

Anyway, the person driving the truck was a man and, obviously someone with ill intentions. Why did he not just keep driving and pay me no attention? Or was the temptation of picking on a woman too great.

Well, just because he did not resist temptation,  this is what I did.

When he finally parked, I read his tag number (WVG 3094) and memorized it. Minutes did not pass before I ran the number through my memory banks and the ‘speaker system’ goons began to go crazy.

They started talking about the alphabetical portion of the tag number as if it posed some sort of importance. I don’t know much about how tag numbers are assigned but ‘WVG’ must mean something to someone. They wouldn’t stop talking about it. Could it be another ploy? Or could the letters actually be coded? Would it makes sense if the letters signified a regiment, masonry, or some other group or government agency?

I honestly have no idea, but if anyone knows, I would love the input.

I even saw a Black woman walking up to the checkout counter who batted her finger at me. I hadn’t seen that move in a while but, yeah, they are still using it. And they don’t mind staring you down as they do it.

In conclusion, as far as I know, I did not know the driver of the truck but what I do know is that I absolutely despise women abusers or abusers of things or people that are ‘good’ (men included).

They have made their den in the area and it seems that the government does not care what is going on. Will they have to run the entire City of Danville to the ground before the government wakes up and realizes that what affects me and others in this situation will also affect them?

More abuse after the grocery store…

10:29pm Needled to my head

10:51pm Needled on the right side of my head. I can also feel a slight burn as they do it.

By the way, it is 10:53pm and I can hear several of them right now. The occasional man’s voice but the majority are women. I can only guess who is still hanging around. Unfortunately, I knew many of them personally. Even worked with some of them.

10:55pm Magnetic pull to my head

10:56pm Magnetic pull to my head

Thanks for listening. God Bless.


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