My Biggest Gang Stalking Pet Peeves

There are several things that I really hate about this gang stalking program which I have concluded have a lot to do with “Sleeper Cells”. But…I will only discuss a couple of my biggest peeves.

Gang stalking is not something that I like to discuss. I feel that it shouldn’t be happening to begin with and I am sure that most of us that are being targeted have had better things to do. It is childish and pathetic that people are actually doing these kinds of things to others.

Even if some gang stalkers may have been born and raised in these programs or ‘cells’, do they not watch real television much? Do they not see all of the wonderful things that we all could be doing rather than obsessing over how they can kill someone else? I guess it wasn’t meant for me to understand.

Anyway, my biggest peeves…

I absolutely hate it when they scream the word ‘died’ in the wrong context. Such as the following…

“They see how you died,” for example. I have assumed that the word ‘died’ in their context describes the way they have ruined their target’s life or what may remain of the target’s life.

Believe me, Targeted Individuals have personal experience in being blacklisted, broke, and totally disgusted and there is not much that they can do about it.

My response: Firstly, why would anyone do these types of things to themselves? Who would ‘die’ there own life? If they want to find real relevance to what they are doing to people, how about saying ‘murdered’. They are not only ‘murdering’ the targets’ that they choose but are also ‘murdering’ their entire existence. It seems that someone needs to update their dictionary.

Who can’t see the difference in just dying and being murdered?

Secondly, I absolutely deplore the way they try to act as if what they are doing to targets’ does not exist. When my mother says things like…

“Your skin has gotten so dark and its breaking out. You need to put down those cigarettes.” As if smoking would be the only reason why my skin would look that way. And when I try to tell her that I have more to worry about, such as electromagnetic weapons or psychic lasers, she pretends that it is not happening. Somehow, even though I know she is a part of the program, she still acts as if the damage was somehow my fault.

Now, anyone who knew me also knew that I had flawless skin, even while smoking. I literally babies my skin. Heck, I rarely had a pimple. At present, I am having the worst skin problems including bruising from when they constantly laser me in my face. And do you think that any one of these selfish buttholes is helping me to fix the damage that they have called. No. I don’t think so. Any prepares would have to come from my pocket while they are running around acting as if they aren’t doing anything. It is retarded. And why aren’t they bored while sitting around watching and choreographing the show from a far. Where is their life?

Oh, and here is another one…

“What you going through,” they will ask and then answer their own question. “Nothing.”

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard that and began feeling like snapping a neck! Thank goodness I believe in God and, honestly, they really should be thanking Him as well. They have a way of making you lose your ‘chi’. So many years of the same redundant act. Excuse me while I scream.


I made a new discovery today and it includes the following people…

1. The retired basketball ball player that my mother dated when I was younger.

2. The retired football player who wanted to cheat with on his wife with me. Obviously, I don’t have to tell you that I never stooped that low.

3. An ex that also played a professional sport that proposed marriage and I assumed was not serious.

4. And my stepmother…


What I am about to say, based on what I have been told is…

They are all related! Yes. I do mean actual family members.

Are you still wondering why I am the one being beat the heck up? Or are you putting two and two together like I am?

It adds a new meaning to the phrase ‘It’s a family affair.” (In more ways than one.)

I just don’t think that I want to know anymore. I have already been grossed out.



As to my weapon abuse status… It is still active…

9:23pm Magnetic Pull to my head

11:03pm Magnetic Pull to my head

11:15pm Magnetic Pull to my head

11:18pm Magnetic Pull to my head

11:33pm Needled on my head

11:49pm Magnetic pull

And, yes, I am, unfortunately, being projectiled (an invisible projection that they place under and around the targets body that can be felt) at night before I fall asleep. And they haven’t stopped talking either.

By the way, I have a message for the ladies and gents who are looking for real relationships and it comes in 5 forms…

DNA Tests

Medical and Mental Evalution

Background check


In that order…


Thanks for listening. God Bless.


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