More Laser Action in the AM

I must have said something that somebody did not want to hear….

(The truth hurts?)

Right now, I can hear a man running off at the mouth along with quite a few females while…

1:14am Laser to my face and one prior.

1:19am Needle to the left side of my head

I wish that they would tear up their own bodies and leave ours alone. I don’ t remember them signing my birth certificate.

Added: 1:45pm At least 3 more lasers shots to the face.

The goons: “They say they don’t want to leave you alone.”

mstmha: Why? How do they think that they can continue to hurt people and just get away with it? And who? The many dreadlocks running around that I know are participating? ‘The Huge Family’? …Who?

Who is it that doesn’t mind being held responsible for my death if that should occur?



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