Are Gang Stalkers and Secret Cells one and the same?

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If you are already a Targeted Individual, you will notice the similarities between those that are already victimizing you and those that are described below that belong to secret cells.
Should we no longer wonder how it came about that gang stalkers have been planted everywhere to the point of taking away our lives, including family and any employment that we could have had?
What I have read is deeply too close for comfort but it helped me realize how widespread gang stalking terrorism may have actually come about.


Sleeper agent

sleeper agent is a spy who is placed in a target country or organization, not to undertake an immediate mission, but rather to act as a potential asset if activated. Sleeper agents are popular plot devices in fiction, in particular espionage fiction and science fiction

Sleeper agents in espionageEdit

In espionage, a sleeper agent is one who has infiltrated into the target country and has “gone to sleep”, sometimes for many years. The agent does nothing to communicate with the sponsor or any existing agents or to obtain information beyond that in public sources. They can also be referred to as ‘deep cover’ agents. They acquire jobs and identities, ideally ones that will prove useful in the future, and attempt to blend into everyday life as normal citizens. Counter-espionage agencies in the target country cannot, in practice, closely watch all of those who might possibly have been recruited some time before.

In a sense, the best sleeper agents are those who do not need to be paid by the sponsor, as they are able to earn enough money to finance themselves. That avoids any possibly traceable payments from abroad. In such cases, it is possible that the sleeper agent might be successful enough to become what is sometimes termed an “agent of influence“.

Sleeper agents who have been discovered have often been natives of the target country who moved elsewhere in early life and were co-opted (perhaps for ideological or ethnic reasons) before returning to the target country. That is valuable to the sponsor as the sleeper’s language and other skills can be those of a ‘native’ and thus less likely to trigger suspicion.

Choosing and inserting sleeper agents has often posed difficulties as it is uncertain which target will be appropriate some years in the future. If the sponsor government (or its policies) change after the sleeper has been inserted, the sleeper might be found to have been planted in the wrong target.


  • Otto Kuehn and family were installed in Hawaii by the German Abwehr, beforeWorld War II, to work for Japanese intelligence. Kuehn, and his family, aided the Japanese in the period before the Attack on Pearl Harbor.[1]
  • Kim Philby was recruited by the Soviets while at university and may have been a sleeper agent for some years until going to work for the British government. By the end of WWII, he was operating as the liaison between the British Secret Intelligence Service and several U.S. intelligence operations. He was an agent of influence by then, and had not been a sleeper agent for several years.
  • The so-called Illegals Program is an alleged network of sleeper spies planted in the U.S. by the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service. The ongoing, multi-year investigation culminated in June 2010 with the filing of charges and the arrest of 10 suspects in the U.S. and another in Cyprus. Russian General Directorate for special programs or GUSP in Russian transliteration (Главное управление специальных программ, ГУСП) still recruits candidates among students and talented scientists in order to use them as sleeper agents or as legal employees in the Police and intelligence bodies in Russian Federation.


(mstmha: The more that I experience the world of evil world of gangstalking, the more I discover similarities to programs that most of us are already so familiar with. Is it all a mere coincidence or has the truth been in our faces all along?)

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