Today’s Reflection On My Current Gang Stalker Activity- A T.I. Testimony

It’s has been, yet, anothe long day as a Targeted Individual. These gang stalkers have obsessively followed me around in the basement of my families home for most of the day. I have been getting radiation shots and magnetic pulls to my body over and over again.

This city, as small as it is, has been infested with gang stalkers and criminal activity, especially to my person. It seems that they may be adding on to the crew that is attacking me right now, as I speak.

I am hearing Black females and males screaming around the city as if they have gone plum crazy. And it has been going on for so long that it is hard to imagine anyone dealing

“You ain’t doughing cops,” one of them screams at me. And the way he screamed it makes me feel as if he is just another mental institute escapee.

Human life is non-existent in their eyes as long as their pockets are being filled with someone else’s hard earned cash.

It is stupid and it is hard to believe that people have become this evil. But it is no exaggeration.

At this moment my head feels like jelly. They are stabbing me with needles while running off at their ‘ghetto’ mouths. I can hear one of them in conversation. What I don’t understand is why do I have to hear almost everything they say?

Needless to say, they have become a collective of lazy, incompetent, theiving criminals and for some reason, their hardship is somehow our fault and it is the victims that have to suffer.

This city is way too small for this kind of thing. I would be willing to bet that over 85 percent of this city right now has either 1. participated in these criminal activities or 2. they may not have participated but are well aware of what is going on. It use to be that it would almost impossible to incriminate an entire city but… not any more.

If justice, somehow, still exists then it may be, in this case, a brand new ghost city. It is almost weird to think about it but it wouldn’t be completely impossible either. It makes me reflect on what the government really has planned for these place. Are they going to live around very loud, thieving goons forever?

It isn’t as if no one has noticed the new faces in the area. Even I am not blind.

Why do we, as targets, have to endure the the continuing torture when their are so many solutions to fix the problem?

Lord knows…

The day that these people stop abusing me and my family will be a very happy day indeed. How much is too much in regards to what a ‘woman’ who has nothing to do with their criminality have to take?

8:08 pm Magnetic pull and a needle to my head while writing this. See what I mean. So much damage and no restitution.

8:11 pm Two more magnetic pulls to my body and a needle on the right side of the head. And then another magnetic pull all over again without the pass of an entire minute

8:12 pm Magnetic pull… And it keeps going…

8:13 pm Needle to the left side of the head.

8:14 pm “They knew they packed.” ( I can only assume that they have packed the house, once again, to accomadate my torture program. One of the whores sounds like she is in my right ear and another one sounds as if she is across the room.)

“She salves how she permeates the room,” a male voice brags.

“I guess they don’t accept,” a female says.

“Ya’ll ain’t got to kill in ‘use’,” another says. ( They have an infatuation with the word ‘use’. For example, in their minds… I am in ‘use’.

It never ends…

Did they ever have a brain?


Thanks for listening… God Bless.






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