“We Do Steal Your Identity”- A T.I. Testimony

It’s a shame that we, as Targeted Individuals, are continuing to be subjected to the constant torment of organized crime.

It is the same thing over and over again. How ridiculous is it that gang stalking can be so redundant, yet, still they act as if no one knows what is going on when citizens’ all over the world are reporting their crimes?

Gang stalking can be proved in so many ways. In my case, all anyone would have to do is just roll back the tape. The surveillance alone would tell the story. The batting of the hands, the gang signs, and so many other maneuvers can be seen to the point where it would be impossible to pretend that nothing is going on.

For some unknown reason to me, I am in what they call ‘exhile’.

I call it blacklisting.

Why do I feel that the only reason why I am being treated this way is because it just makes it easier for them to steal every idea and everything that ever belonged to me?

They make theft easy due to their network of friends. They aren’t in a targets’ head for no reason whatsoever.

They surround me everyday. According to one of the female goons,

“We in you every minute.”

How illegal does this sound so far?

I feel as if, because I am so good with coming up with new ideas, whether it is a new invention or an improvement of an old, that I may never have an opportunity to use them because they are too busy stealing them for themselves. Typical.

The female was right. They are in my body all day long. My head alone feels so uncomfortable. It is unlike anything I have ever felt before in my life and is really difficult to get use to.

Since they lasered my head years ago, they have done nothing but play with it. Yeah. As I said before, I am living a typical sci-fi movie. And I don’t know what they used to repair their damage but my skull has never felt the same. It feels very top heavy but, of course, to gang stalkers’, they still have not done quite enough damage. My head is being played with on and off throughout the day and night.

Even my internal body feels strange. Most of the time, I rarely feel that I have a heartbeat. My body has never felt this bad in my life. If hybriding people was a ‘go’, why was I not informed beforehand?

Why did they just decide to do whatever they wanted to do with my ‘temple’ and feel that they did not have to gain my permission.

Now, I have to deal with off the grid torture on a daily basis. I can feel them rubbing and tugging my head. They even needle and stab my head to death as if I am a piece of property and not a human being. It’s what they call a ‘sku’, like those numerical item identifiers in a department store.

They like to say that I am a ‘thing’s if I really am some kind of an inanimate object.

Needless to say, I am tired of being treated as if I am not a real person. My invention ideas, poetry and other writings, social medias, and any other property should be mine alone but, obviously, these gangsters feel differently.

Do you know how hard it is to others profiting from what was originally yours and you can’t do anything about it? They just walk around beady eyed and crazy around you while planning their next ‘take’. And they have designed it so that no one will know. Exhiling a target is only one way.

What can we do as Targeted Individuals to protect ourselves if they are in our heads all day long?

True story.

They are bleeding us dry and no one is doing anything to provide assistance. Not even our own government.

They have stolen my personal property including: money(whether they took it directly from my bank account using a dummy card or other means), my family and my children, and are even bragging about stealing my identity.

It is 12:10am and a woman out of nowhere just said,”And we’re are about to get so much more.” FYI… I was not even moving my lips when I wrote the last paragraph and there is no one else in the room.

Anyway, below are more quotes said by the gang members that sit around with nothing better to do than to bother me all day.


“They need to keep you taped.”

“We do steal your identity.”

“They thanking you ain’t in bond.”

“You got hawks (Hawks).”

“You know our endow beg.”

“They just waiting on you to die.”

“We should never have had a remote control.” (Just in case you don’t understand what this means, they use remotes and/or apps to control the weapons that they use on T.I.’s. The apps may possibly appear more on their cell phones. One of the ways that is useful when they want to target their victims when they travel.)

Also, for some reason, the females of the goon squads want to be ‘GAZED’ by somebody. I am not really sure who. Maybe it has something to do with the Hawk or hawks that they continue to obsess about. They seem to be very star struck and there is no telling.

Would someone please GAZE at these people so that the possibility of them leaving me alone would be greater? I am tired of being abused to death for no reason.

They are just waiting on us to die? Do they mean that we just have to kick the bucket because the most raggedy people in the world say so? Why? So that they can still pretend to be us in death? Or is it because they don’t want to feel guilty as they execute our life’s work on their own? Their falsifications and thievery should not matter if we are dead. Is that how it goes?

Much Love and Respect to All Targeted Individuals…

Thanks for listening…God Bless.








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