This Michigan Tire Shop Owner Says He Doesn’t Service Black or “Ghetto” People


An excerpt from the article…

“There’s no law against refusing service to ghetto people. I don’t service fucking monkeys, little primates,” Jim S. told Vaughn in the recording provided to Mic.

(mstmha: How can you blame someone for despising what they call “ghetto” people. The term represents those that are considered ‘unruly’, and sometimes disrespectful people. A person who is ghetto is not limited to just one race of people. Anyone from any race and any culture can be ‘ghetto’.

I will also have to clarify that living in the ghetto and actually being ghetto are two different things. Living in the ghetto does not mean that a person should be considered to be a ‘ghetto person’ in many cases. Ghettoism is a case by case situation.  Unfortunately, living in a ‘ghetto’ area is not ideal but necessary due to the income of families.

In this day and age, our governments are  seemingly making this type of lifestyle the only option for so many. Our choices are being extinguished.

Personally, I can’t blame people for not wanting to be around people that are considered ‘ghetto’ due to their more than unfavorable activities but it is not something that you can tell just by looking at people.

I don’t like ghettoism either. Our communities, or so we thought, were improving drastically over the years to the point that we were obtaining better educations, making more money, and so forth. Our futures were brighter for not only ourselves but for our families , as well. People rose from their ghetto environments and soared to new heights. Equal opportunity for all.

But not anymore. Our government and even our own people are now working overtime to throw back the hands of time where ‘ghetto’ is the new word for just being ‘broke’. And, obviously, being broke is not limited to just one race, one culture, or any one organization.

As far as the article is concerned, the tire shop owner was a prime example of the new ‘ghetto’. Just because he displayed his ignorance so blatantly may affect his business more than he may have originally believed.)

Find the complete story at the link below…


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