The Goon Squad Is Still Acting Out In Danville-A T.I. Testimony

Just recently, I wrote an email to the local Mayor of Danville, Virginia

Dear Mayor Saunders,

I am writing in regards to a very distressful situation. I am a victim of Directed Energy/Electromagnetic Weapons in the local area of Danville, Va. Among my targeting issues includes workmobbing, stalking /harassment, death threats, illegal treatment within the legal and medical system, and so much more.

I have been tortured and victimized for several years and have sought much assistance in order to obtain relief, not only myself, but for many others in an effort to stop and end these types of abuses that have been ‘ignited’ all over the world.

I pray that you can aide in the fight for justice as this will prove to everyone that our human rights still exist.

I look forward to your response.


A Targeted Individual

'It's a pity, but the people capable of running this country are too smart to get into politics.'

‘It’s a pity, but the people capable of running this country are too smart to get into politics.’



Whether the Mayor actually received the email is beyond me. The organized crime organization do tend to re-route emails, phone calls, etc. to one of their members in order to control the target’s communications. I know this from personal assistance. Don’t ever wonder why you can’t get anything done. They attempt to manage everything that you do if you happen to be a Targeted Individual. So, I guess we will just have to see what happens. So far, nothing has seemed to change.

What I wanted to talk about next is even a ‘wow-er’ to me. I will have to warn you that what I am about to say is completely speculative. I do not know if anything that was said is true but… it was definitely spoken by the goons that surround me. One of the reasons why I can’t sleep at night. They love talking me to death. I think that they just like to hear themselves talk. And they seem to lie quite a lot about who I am as a person so it would be understandable that they may lie about everything else, as well.

If it ever came to the point that a gang stalker would have to be questioned about any of his or her activities, a lie detector test or brain fingerprint would definitely be necessary. You can’t trust anything that comes out of their mouths.


Just recently, the goons made some very surprising statements. It was hard to believe but almost made perfect sense at the same time.

They said that my ex-husband’s second wife is the ex-wife of a member of the local City Council in Danville, Virginia where I was born and raised. It was appalling to think that my ex, the con, may have used this influence in order to blacklist my life and steal custody of my children. No wonder these people have gone crazy here. It’s a freaking zoo. I wonder how true it is. I do not know her background outside of the fact that she is also African.

If this particular council member and my ex-husband’s new wife’s relationship is true, it proves to me that it was not a coincidence that I met him while I was working at Schewels Furniture.

One question that I remember him asking…

“Do you…eat…dinner?” My response. “Sure I do,” and that was that. Thank goodness nothing came out of that.

And another awful thing about the situation is that she is not a kind person to begin with. When she began seeing my ex-husband, even though we were separated, he was still married to me. Obviously, she never attempted to coach him into reconciling his relationship with his wife and children.

She is a bipolar type of crazy. Screaming over the phone about never calling, my then husband, at his job as if we weren’t still married.

And tell me, how funny would it be if your wife bent over to show off her backside to a cop while you’re still standing there? Yes. I know this to be true because I was standing right there. After my ex and Is custody hearing, they attempted to take my children away from me early and I had to call the police to make them leave. And she did not have any qualms in showing her ass. Literally. I feel that the only reason why they even attempted to take my children so soon was because they wanted to show off their connections within the system. He thought it was funny. It wasn’t.

I also know that the new wife is the influence behind why my daughter can’t call me whenever she wants. And when I call to speak with her, he never answers his phone and never relays the message.

Unfortunately, I never knew how hateful she really was until she threatened to push my daughter down a flight of stairs as if she hasn’t been through a very trying situation. And sadly, my ex-husband has already done just that. Do you think that DFACS made a big deal about any of it? Do you think that they removed my child from danger after she attempted suicide? Do you now see how evil this b!tch is?

What I can’t understand is why anyone would get punished for defending themselves or their family if they reacted to all of these abusive situations when ththese goons are getting away with murder. No, seriously, targets’are actually being murdered while they torture people on the sneak tip. It is all very disgusting. I can go on and on about this psycho woman’s methods to destroy what is mine but it she really isn’t worth the ink.

There is more to tell…

1. For some reason, the local goons may have thought that I was the only one who was being attacked. I guess they counted on the fact so that they would have a better chance of getting away with it. How murderous does this sound? Now, don’t forget that what I am telling you came from the horse’s mouth. I am not making this up.

It seems that I was to be just another unexplained death that no one could explain or care about. Now, I guess you can better understand why so many of them are beating me up at one time. They sit around in groups and run their mouths while lasering, tasering, stabbing, and needling me to death. As if I am a toy or an insect being dissected. And this goes on for most of the day and night. And to think that I, a woman, who was not bothering anyone would have to suffer so much.

2. The last time that I remember seeing this morning was 3:44am. That is how long I was under attack. It still took a little longer to actually fall asleep.

Anyway, the goons were talking about how Greg was with them here in Danville at whatever the location may have been. For many of you who do not know who Greg is. He is the best friend of an ex-friend named Steven Cox, one of my torturers. Greg, from what I understood, lives in North Carolina, so unless he was visiting, there really was no reason why he should be helping out with my abuse. HI only met him once in person so he really did not know me outside of what Steven may have told him. Unless, he just wants to help out his best friend. Which is still pretty ridiculous.

I would hope that they are not still sour about things that happened years ago, but then again, these people know how to hold a grudge. They are are like huge children. I would have loved to think that non-committing Steven would have went on about his life but when the goon squad mentioned Greg, it was confirmed that he hasn’t. The crazy thing is that they are doing these things to me as if it is legal to do.

3. Next…. Many of my goons are Muslims from what they claim. And… it didn’t surprise me one bit when they said that their groups contained Pakistanis. No wonder our torture is so harsh. We are, no doubt, being swallowed into a major terrorists attack. They are, obviously, trying to keep it silent. No wonder it is difficult for targets to gain assistance. If it is true that Obama and John Boehner are both Muslim…

No need to guess… we are all in deep, deep trouble.

I am not a Muslim. So if they are attempting to use that excuse to beat me up then they are wrong as hell. I am not a believer in Sharia Law and just in case they didn’t know, practicing Buddhism is not of the Muslim faith. And beating up women is not Christian, Buddhist, or American.

My ex-husband, although African, was never a practicing Muslim. He had pretended, at one point in the beginning of our relationships, to practice the Muslim faith but later found that he really wasn’t. He did not own a Koran, never went to a mosque, and ate about as much pork as I did.

I wouldn’t doubt it for a minute that he may have lied to the locals in order that he may fit in with the Muslim authorities. They really have no clue about who he is.

(“They tell her to stress you out, ” a goon just said. (2:34pm) Whoever ‘she’ is.)

From what my ex told me, his father was a Muslim in Africa but his mother was a Christian (in which I doubt seriously). From what he claimed, he took on his mother’s Christian beliefs. And unfortunately, his father was assassinated while he was still in his youth. When I first met him, he did nothing that a Muslim does and he still doesn’t. It is because he isn’t so why are Muslims and Pakinstanians losing their minds in regards to me?

I know that I am not the only Targeted Individual that exists so I am going to assume that every target is being attack by the same types of people. They have so many groups, gangs, and cults that it is hard to keep up.

Now, I will leave you with one question…

What is the reason that we are being attacked by the same people that were hired to protect us?

Thanks for listening and God Bless.








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