Family Dollar, Gang Stalkers, and more… – My T.I. Testimony

On April 4, 2016, I was taken to the Family Dollar on North Main Street in Danville, Virginia. I was actually in my right mind to hurry as I picked up what I needed. The sooner that I could check out, the better.

The reason that I made the attempt to buy quickly was because I had a feeling that if I wasted too much time there, the local goons would come flooding in. It’s pretty sad that targets can’t go anywhere without being attacked in one way or another, but it is true.

We can’t even go to the bathroom in our own homes without being bothered. These people actually have no life outside of attacking us. This is pretty much their favorite past time.

Anyway, I found that no matter how I planned this particular journey to the store, at least one of them was going to be there. How silly was I to think that I could make a quick escape? They took advantage of the fact that I had to get a ride to get there and had to have planned the time accordingly.

I say this because after entering the store, a not so gentleman arrived. As soon as I saw him, I immediately noticed that he began ducking and diving behind the displays. Because he did this, I knew at that moment that he was one of them. Why?

It is because I have seen that same move before being done by someone else I once knew. I did not find out until later that he was also a gang stalker.

Now the guy in the store that day was someone that I had never met before in my life but just seeing him duck and skip around as he did triggered the memories. It must be what they call ‘a signature move’.

It was and is the silliest thing that you will ever see. They make themselves seem as if they are still children in high school but, sadly, they are not of high school age. This black guy was a grown ass man. Unbelievable but true.

They obviously attempt so much, to the point, that even I would not have believed half of the things that they do… unless… I had experienced it for myself.

I recall that, when we made eye contact and he walked (or skipped)near me, the radiation hit my body immediately. It happened twice.

I later began to wonder what would have happened if I had striked a match while he was doing that. My curiously took on a whole new level of curious. Are they radioactive too, I thought. 😉

Would he catch on fire or explode with the flame? It almost made me happy thinking about it. I know, it is awful to say but I am just being honest. (Sorry God!)  I was back in the car by 6:05pm.

This guy and the person that I remembered from the past even had the same facial expressions as if one was mimicking the other. Copy cats of one another. Now, you might better understand when I say that they really begin looking alike. It is true.


And nothing else has changed really. I still get the lasers, the stabbing, the framing, etc. etc. etc. They still talk around me as if it has never been illegal. They are still using their vehicles to throw out verbal messages as they fly up and down the street.

I know. It sounds weird but the best way that I can explain this is by asking you to think about a stereo speaker that is attached to outside of a car that does not throw out music but their voices instead. I do not know the exact technology that they use to do this but that is the best description that I can use for now. They are wired up all over the place. There is no telling what is actually going on.

Anyway, I am still receiving the ‘magnetic pulls’ when I sit down to watch or not watch television. The projectiles around my body have not stopped occurring as I try to get to sleep at night.

Danville is not but so big, yet, it seems that everyone from everywhere is participating. Last night, a female was talking about how they use the ‘Tri-State’ Area. And if I am not mistaken, they are speaking of North Carolina.

I know this to be true because I was given a high-speed chase driving from Greensboro, NC back to Danville. Forced down the road while multiple cars were in hot pursuit. They even picked up speed. Maybe it was because they wouldn’t lose their wire ability.  My son was in the car with me at the time as they pushed me down the road. We use to go to Barnes and Nobles a lot and that one was the closest. If I had known beforehand that they would actually do that with one of my children in the car ‘again’, I would not have traveled there.

The first time that they chased me was when I was on my way to my mother’s house. The woman who drove the vehicle, at that time, was an employee of E-Toys. I had already quit working there. Still she tailgated me at high speed until I managed to turn off the road. One of my children was in my car then too.

As they were pushing me down the highway, they were melting or adding major pressure to my head at the same time that I was speeding in order to escape them. It was so long ago that it is hard to remember which one they actually did. They do so much to me.

I can remember, while they were in their vehicles getting in formation behind me, that it was so hard to concentrate on the road at the time.  I remember hearing a female voice say that it would stop once I passed the State line going back to Virginia. Whoever SHE was, was correct. It did stop. At least temporarily anyway. They still attacked me inside my home. As for the highway formation, it had began getting dark so it was easy to see the formation of their headlights.

(8:45pm My stepmother is in the laundry room. She has dropped or hit something and she just slammed a door and I was radiated both times. The second time caused a nervous system attack that made my neck tremble. They seem to love to do this a lot too. It is almost as if they ate starting over from the beginning of my targeting. It is the same cycle over and over again. And go figure on who is working with who.)

Last night, these goons began talking about how they were meeting in studios. It came to transpire when my thoughts ran on the course finding out where these people meet in order to attack me. Then I thought, ‘music studios’. And the only reason that I thought along those lines was because they use to scream the word MUSIC at every given moment during the street theatre that they designed around me in the city.

Also, would it be hard to be believe that they said that Fort Bragg was involved, as well? The goons actually said this. And, apparently, Fort Bragg was everywhere in the city and the NSA too.



Honestly, I know  that all of this sounds rather Sci-Fi but I will swear that it is the truth. These things are really happening to people behind closed doors and no one is stopping any of it. Somehow, we are being sealed into treason and tyranny without any help or reason.

(By the way, they are still sitting around watching and running their mouths at me as if they are watching TV. I am supposedly under ‘special’ projectiles.)

And they use everyone that a target knows, no matter the relationship. How are they compensating all of these people?

Thanks for listening. God Bless.

(Added later: A female may have just said”You gaining to be so crisp.”  That is how it sounded anyway. Is this another threat in regards to how much they plan on using their lasers on my face and body? Who do we need to talk to in order that these people may be removed from our lives? 10:06pm Magnetic pull… It never ends.)


Also, here is a question for you…

Why are these people screaming that they do not even have a permit to use these weapons? And why are they using directed-energy (electromagnetic) weapons on my person when it is already illegal to use on civilians anyway? Why would thugs have them to begin with?

12:55am Magnetic Pull










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