Another Laser Attack To My Face After 3:00am

It’s after 3:00 am the morning. Not more than a few minutes ago, I was violently layered in the face. The female that did it yelled like a wild woman when it hit.

And then had the audacity to laugh and say, “He didn’t tell me to do it.”

And by the way, they are still aiming the weapon directly at me. I can feel the ‘projectile’ beneath me. I can hear them conversating as if it is 12:00 in the afternoon. They must be on serious drugs.

First off, they are attacking a woman and it is awfully violent.

2nd of all, I am not a teenager. I am a grown woman with children that I would rather spend time with rather than deal with all of this wicked behavior.

3rd of all, do these people not have real jobs? Someone would have me me believe that they sit around all day and all night with thoughts of when they can lasering me to death? Seriously?

4th I think they have literally brought in some of those new people that they were talking about recently. Some of the voices have changed and they have become even more aggressive. Why put someone that they never knew through so much drama?

I haven’t been to sleep at all.


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