Lasers To My Face Again

Early this morning.

They have started again. Electromagnetic lasers to my face. They are using the big ones this time.  They are grouped all around me. When is it going to end?

“As long as they don’t see it,” the female goon said. This is ridiculous.

A blind man can see these lights flashing around my face.

What are they? Cave people?



“We ain’t gon behave.”

“We trying to make sure you don’t lane.”

“We trying to make sure you don’t lead.”

“They Dell’d or (Dale’d?) why you ain’t die.” (Huh?)

I honestly don’t even know what they the heck they are talking about. They refuse to believe that I am not cult, clan, gang, or whatever the case may be because it seems that the want me to be whatever it is they wanot me to be.

Isn’t this all still against the law? Why are they still doing what they are not suppose to be doing?

Why can’t they find someone or something else to keep them entertained?



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