High Level Abuse For No Reason Whatsoever-Another TI Testimony


I am still at a very high level of abuse. On and off for most of the night, until after 8:00 am this morning, they were violating my body. It seems that they either have acquired new settings or a new weapon. The laser penetrated my entire body.

The beam added extra pressure to my head as I was trying to sleep. It also traveled up and down my body for the rest of the night.

There was no room that I could go to where they would leave me alone. They were obviously dead set on assaulting me no matter what. Even now as I write this.

I can remember what they call ‘projectiles’ be shoved beneath me. It gives you that feeling of being rocked in a boat and they don’t stop. The goons just go on and on.

As many of you already know, they also never shut up. You can hear them constantly talking crazily all the time. Even that does not stop.

I could hear them talking about ordering in 50 more people as if what I am already dealing with is not enough. Do I look like Superwoman? Why would they even feel the need to do that?

I don’t know where their obsession lies but I am not the menace, they are and I wish that they would leave me alone.

Why are they so set on harming me as if I know all of them? As if I had a past relationship with every single one of them? It’s crazy to say, but many of these people are perfect strangers.

Those that are familiar with gang stalkers know that you don’t have to know them in order for them to harm you. These people should not be intermingling in society but, for some reason, they are. It is people like these that society kept off the streets. Why have they released them now?

Why do they believe that we should not cherish our own lives? Are we just suppose to give up because they want us too?

I can also recall them talking about a person named Malik.  Who is he and why is he bothering me so?

They have even admitted to mugging people. So if we do everything we can to protect ourselves, why are we at fault and are punished even more? Especially, when it seems that our government has set it up this way.

This morning while sitting outside, they sounded so close. It was if they screaming above the trees. Then I started to recall a day that I was on Google Earth. When I clicked on ‘My location’, the screen kept taking me to Clement Avenue which was not my location. Several times the screen diaplayed the same thing. What did it mean? Are they based on Clement Avenue as well? If so, these bastards are everywhere. Next door, across the street, around the corner, and all over Danville bothering me.

When did taking my life away from me become so serious?

Was it because I didn’t sleep with a particular police officer? Do the police have their own prostitution ring where your punished for not being one of them?

What is the real story behind my targeting?

My ex-husband was not important enough to gain so much precedence so what is really going on? Or are we right in the assumption that criminals are taking over because they want to do just that?

One more thing…

11:44am today. A child says “We were called to kill you.”

First off, why in the hell would they have a minor involved in this hot mess and secondly, who called and why?

I was never an enemy of the state. My life was good and I did not bother hardly anyone. I am really was a firm believer in minding my own business. So why all the nonsense?

Somebody wants me dead. What’s up with that? As if I am not dead enough already. Honestly, they have tore my body to pieces and it may be really difficult to fix. Why isn’t all of that enough?

Someone has some explaining to do…

Thanks for listening. God Bless.



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