Gang Stalkers Cause Doubt About T.I. Credentials- A TI Testimony


My ex-husband seems to believe that he is is somehow better than me because he has found new cons to get his degree. As if I did not help him to get his first one.

He and his uncle Amadu Jalloh (another con) have made many attempts to lessen my credentials to, not only to my children, but to others because I did not get my degree.

They love to misinform. That is how I know that they are also part of the scheme to ruin my life. It is amazing what people will believe if they really don’t know you.

Just to set the record straight, I quit college for the third time because of my ex-husband. He was always too busy doing what he wanted to do and made it very difficult for me to attend classes by not wanting to babysit. I really only have a few credits left before graduating with my Associate in Business.

But, in my opinion, that still does lessen my credentials in any way. First off, I was the only one, between the two of us, that held a full-time job.

As a temp for a mortgage company, I was promoted to the underwriting department. Unfortunately, they claimed that my credit was not good enough for a full-time position even though I was in a department that approved and denied credit. Crazy huh.

I have trained a lot of people in my day, which usually led to them securing the positions that I should have had. Do you see the pattern?

I have helped start a Transportation Department from scratch without knowing anything about Import and Domestic freight. Tell me this girl isn’t good! I even had to help train my own supervisor who didn’t even know how to send an email. Yes. She was my supervisor. Isn’t that a hoot. Still think I’m not qualified to do a job well? Why would they ask me to do the job if I could not do it?

During my employment with this same company, I saved them money by righting a wrong in a toy tariff(tax) classification against the United States Customs. Our manager challenged me to do it and had little faith in me whatsoever but I did what I know I am capable of doing.

Now that I am being gang stalked, it is as if they are degrading my creditibilty. Paying me low wages, writing me up for no reason whatsoever, not giving me enough work hours to survive… etc. etc. etc.

They have really turned my world upside down. The mobs are very hateful evil people.

I was fired from a telecommunication company for ‘work avoidance’.

I had never heard of any such thing in my entire life and neither did the associate at the unemployment office. I was able to draw unemployment for about three months until they canceled all emergency claims after the first claim was up.

I have never been a manager although, even I know that I was more than qualified. I have never been a doctor, lawyer, scientist, reporter, government worker (accept for a temporary position with the United States Census), special agent, or held any type of position that qualified me as a Whistleblower. That’s how I know that what I am going through leans more towards someone’s personal vendetta.


“Your only going to make it worse, ” the goon is now saying. Why? Could it be that they are lying about people’s credibility and they don’t want people to know that they are wrong as hell? Possibly. In my opinion, the truth is better than a lie any day. At least with the truth, you don’t have to worry about hiding anything.

And if I have to die from this, I would rather for people to know the truth rather than a boldfaced lie.


I recently learned that my ex has obtained a degree as a paralegal. I am not a hater. Good for him but…

Why would someone hire a paralegal with a legitimate criminal history? Because they aren’t legitimate to begin with.

Watch out world.

Anyone who can cash in and mask felonies such as frauding corporate checks, faking social security cards and birth certificates and other legal documentation, etc. etc. would be a prime candidate for working in a legal office. Reflecting back on the past years, they fraud almost everything anyway and it is very distinct.

Just remember, I am releasing this information because I am real danger. If something distasterous were to happen to me, just know the type people that I am having to deal with. They are capable of anything.

I don’t think that it is my credentials that they need to question. I didn’t even have to have a degree to do what I was qualified to do.

And on a final note in regards to college degrees… even Michael Dell quit college in order to start his multi-million dollar empire. And crazily enough, many very rich people either never went to college or dropped out as he did. So my question is, when did it become mandatory to have a degree in ordrt to run your own  successful business? Not that college is unnecessary, but why are they pretending that we have no hope without it?

Heck, people are faking their degrees too!


That’s all.



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2 responses to “Gang Stalkers Cause Doubt About T.I. Credentials- A TI Testimony

  • conartistocracy

    I also had interference with my university education. I was rejected for post graduate BEFORE taking my finals. Up till then I had been getting high 2;1’s and Firsts.
    After university I had great difficulty finding work (this is in the seventies). I discovered by trial and error that I had a better chance of getting an interview if I left off the fact that I had a degree off my CV.
    I suspected (I didnt know about gang stalking then), that the university was in some way impugning my reputation. I later contacted Freedom of Information who recommended I apply to the university concerning any records they had on me. When the university replied all they did was confirm my qualifications.
    This is a formula being followed. I was not a radical. But my parents were feminists, and I now suspect that odd things that occurred in their lives suggest they were being sabotaged in their working lives as well. (My Dad was born in 1905, so this saboging of lower classes trying to better themselves might go back much longer than heretofore thought.
    Best wishes.

  • mstmha

    Thanks for sharing your story. You’re right. Even after so many years, it seems that we still have a lot of work to do.

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