Another Gang Stalker Witness Account


What are these people thinking?

Can you believe that I was lasered back to back until well after 4:00am this morning and, not to fail to mention, they talked me to death while they were doing it.

I tried and tried to get some sleep but there was nowhere that I could turn without huge flashes of light in my face and the familiar burning to my skin. It was definitely laser action. They wouldn’t leave me alone.

Eventually, I was too exhausted not to fall asleep.

During the attack, I had a flash back to when I was working at Schewels Furniture as an office clerk.

At the time, I was definitely being work mobbed mostly by people that I never knew but there were also those that I did know who were active participants.

I recalled a moment where a visitor had walked up to the counter. Her name was Sabrina or Sebrena. I can’t remember exactly how she spelled it but I recognized her. If I am not mistaken, she was the sister to a set of twins that I went to high school with.

I did not know that she new one of the clerks named Jeree Barksdale until I saw them talking that day. It sounded like a very shady conversation.

Last night, I also remembered a time that Steven Cox had visited my home. Our relationship was already fried at that time but he still was in the habit of popping up. I figured that he was up to no good whenever he showed up. I wasn’t wrong. It had gotten to the point where I would not even allow him in my house because of all the shady business.

This was around the time when my gang stalking program was at full hilt.

On that day, he brought a catalog with him. Someone was selling costume jewelry and he wanted to know if I wanted to buy any. The name of the seller was, coincidently, Sabrina or Sebrena.  He had brought me a clue and may not have realized it. Or maybe they wanted me to know who it was that was attacking me. It could have been a flaunt tactic.

I never purchased anything because the jewelry wasn’t my taste but that name stuck with me.

And last night, I started putting two and two together.

And the stalkers hovering over me confirmed it.

“You knew it was Sabrina (Sabrina).”

They also mentioned that she was ‘butch’. Yeah, that was very comforting. Not really.

I guess, now, I can better understand why so many females have been attacking me. They obviously have a gang of females as I have mentioned before.

What I can’t understand is what these women, ‘butch’or not have to do with me? Sabrina (Sebrena) and I have never been friends. I doubt if we have ever even had a real conversation. And to hover over me every night and laser me to death just because is not acceptable. It is assault and battery on every level. Stranger or not.

What reason would they have that they would choose me as their victim?

I didn’t have enemies.

So why? Is it because they needed someone easy to assault? I was never a part of a gang, Klavern, cult or anything else because I didn’t have to be.

Are they just control freaks that just like to show off?

Why does my family, my children have to suffer?

What are they not in the looney bin?

Why do I have to suffer on a daily basis because of a bunch of psycho females that I do not know?

Why do they attack people that they never knew?

What is the real issue?

How does it look when they have all of these people piled on top of one innocent, single, Black female? Hovering over me day in and day out. Always waiting for a moment where they can laser or stab the heck out of me. I am not and was never their whore or a participant in anything else that they had to offer. They don’t have any property rights on me. So what is the big deal?

And one more thing…

They keep referring to all of these people as ‘Doug’s. Who is the heck is Doug? And Lizzie?





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