“We Ain’t Got Nothing To Lose.”- Another TI Testimony


And Others…

I am so sick and tired of being mobbed and I am sure that many Targeted Individuals are feeling the same way. Somebody has got to do something about this. It is the most ridiculous, immature situation that I have been through in my entire life. I have never seen anything so lengthy and stupid at any point in my days and I do pray that if it manages to end, that I never will again.

They are constantly watching and constantly annoying. It has become obvious to me that these people have never lived in the real world. Anyone who thinks that all you need is a social security number to apply for a job really hasn’t. Maybe it happens like that in their world but that has never happened in mine. Now do you see what we have to deal with.


More gang stalker quotes…

“They were trying to demote your news.”

“We are now vipered.”

“We ain’t got nothing to lose.”

Blase, blase…

My mother is still on a mental illness trip. I have never seen her so steadfast on having me committed to mental hospital. And it seems, in her skit, everything that I go through is my fault. Nevermind the fact that I have never had so much trouble before in my entire life.

I noticed that as soon as I began doing really well for myself was the point when they began tearing my life apart. And she has tag teamed with my ex-husband and his goons in order to do it. Since then, they have never left me alone.

I had so many plans and was looking forward to a wonderful future of my own making. The situation that I have been dragged into is definitely not of my own making yet still they play and pretend that I am doing it to myself. I guess when I get lasered to death, I must be doing that to myself too.


Anyway, while I was talking to my mother, she asked me if I had ever applied for mental disability. Why would I do that when there is really nothing wrong with me?

She acted as if she didn’t remember that I actually did apply for disability due to the fact that, after x-rays, a doctor claimed that I suffered from a degenerating spine. But even that wasn’t enough to get disability. When I called to talk to a representative about why I was denied, she said that I was not eligible for benefits. I even reported that, after giving birth to one of children, my doctor at the time reported that I was suffering from slight depression.

Not really a big deal when I remembered the situation. I cried in my hospital bed because I did not want my newborn and I to go home with who was my husband at the time. As soon as he walked into the hospital room, my depression and tears got worse. Tis the diagnosis.

Later on, when I checked myself into the local hospital (where I was chipped) and was there for about a week, they only repeated what I had already told them in regards to my original diagnosis. Slight depression. Nothing else. I do remember that my MRI made the x-ray tech say ‘WOW’. It made me wonder how bad the inside of my body really was after all of the invisible ‘scalpels’ had invaded my body previously. I still wonder to this day how they really do that.

“You really have a lot of lacerations.” (This was said while I was writing this entry.)


As for my mother, well, she claims that if I file for mental disabilty, then my child support could be dropped. My thing is this, if they had never falsified the custody rearrangement to begin with, then my ex would never have had the ability to charge it to begin with. It was all staged and is very evident in the paperwork.

She also stated that she would call a mental facility in order to have me committed. This is the same woman that was there when I had checked myself into the hospital the first time for an evaluation. The same woman who has already had me arrested twice for the same reason.

Does this not sound like blatant harassment to you because it does to me. While should I be stuck in a position to file charges when none of this should be happening to begin with. I am head deep in bullshit for no reason. The redundant scheming is not of this world. These people are so far from reality that it is scary.

Why should I do anything that they tell me to do just because of their far-fetched delusions of what they think is suppose to happen just to please them?

The time that I could be using to enjoy the one life that God gave me is being whittled away by off the meter terrorism and no one can do anything about it. We only have one life to live so why can’t we just enjoy it?


A few years ago, I read my own tarot cards and they said that I would be surrounded by timewasters. I am not lying. And guess what. They were right. Believe it or not, many of my predictions came to light. It is the weirdest thing. Especially when the only thing that I was doing was playing around.

Thank you for listening. God Bless.





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