Another Day With So-Called Non-Existent Weapons- A TI Testimony


Earlier this morning, I was unfortunately layered to death again by the local goons. It is unfortunate that targets have to continue to suffer while those responsible are trying to continue to cover-up the abuse by role playing and pretending that our situations don’t exist. It is mighty funny that the only way that they can truly hide it is by doing just that.

Here is a prime example:

Early today, I asked a police officer if the local police station used electromagnetic tasers. He gave me a brief about the tasers that we all know about but as for electromagnetic weapons, he said the following…

“I don’t think that type of technology exists.”

I didn’t want to say, “Yes. They do exists because I am a torture victim of those very weapons.”

Instead, I just confirmed that they do exists and that information about these weapons was all over the internet. I also mentioned that those weapons were supposed to be used for crowd control but currently are not. I did not reiterate further.

Why? Because I really wanted to see how he would respond more than anything else. Now you may have a good idea of what Targeted Individuals are really fighting against.

His response was either a blatant lie or a very ignorant truth.

Think about it this way. How would I have a name for the weapon if it never existed? Aha. Now you get it.

Why would anyone just make that up?

Now here is another doozy for you…

How would the general public get their hands on these types of weapons without it being government issued? And even to make these types of weapons at home would require some expert direction. A prototype of some sort.

Anyway, a little while after arriving back to the house today, I tried to take a nap and what do you know. The so called non-existent weapon was used again while I attempted to sleep. I saw the laser flashes around my facial area quite a few times before I eventually just gave up.

“We don’t have anything else to do they said.”

So much for weapons that ‘don’t’ exist.


Thanks for listening. God Bless.



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