Abuse Amongst Family


It has been a rough life. It seems that when life goes well, these criminals find another way to tear it down. They are very persistent when doing the Devil.

Currently, I am not doing much. My time would probably feel like a vacation if I weren’t so attacked. As I said, once I get a break, they find a means to change that in the worst ways possible.

I worry a great deal about my children mostly. They have been through so much and are still going through great ordeals. Especially my daughter.

It is getting to the point, now, that my ex-husband is preventing us from communicating. He has deliberately taken her phone away that I bought her for that very reason. It is a difficult situation when you have raised your children almost their entire lives and your disrespected as if you have never been around.

My ex, unfortunately, does so much to my daughter. No human being should treat their children like he treats ours. But if you tell him that he is wrong about anything that he does, he lies. He calls it discipline.

Let me give you examples of his of his disciplinary tactics.

– He cuts off communication between myself and my daughter. He tells my son that the reason is because all I am trying to do is cause trouble. Sadly, he believes that when he is abusing, not disciplining, our children, no one should know about it. At least not until shit actually does hit the fan and it is too late. He tries to make it seem that his children are exaggerating when they are harmed. When a child attempts suicide, is that an exaggeration? My ex hates being punished when he is wrong because he can’t stand taking responsibility for his own actions.

I am the one who attempts to help my children when they are harmed. That is the reason why I am the one who is supposedly causing trouble.

– I recall hiding in a closet in our condo with my son in tow because of his temper. He use to beat my child like he was a grown man when he was only two or three years old. I can also recall that we took our son to a barbershop in Georgia when he was around that age to get a haircut. While the barber was giving him a haircut, my son cried a lot. He just wasn’t use to it yet. Well, my ex screamed at him to stop crying but my son didn’t.

For some reason, my ex thought that a child at his age was suppose to act like a man. Because he worked with metals at the time, he had very rough hands so what happened to my son next wasn’t surprising.

He took his rough fingers and flicked it over and over again against my baby’s cheek until it bled. The barber was shocked. Of course, I was very angry. I could not see his reasoning but, according to him, he could do no wrong. He was also high.

This was soon to be the beginning of a long life of abuse towards my son, my daughter, and myself.

– My ex told me, when I was pregnant with my daughter, that God did not mean for him to have a daughter. Now this is a man who claims to believe in God and is a member of a church. I can tell you for a fact that it is a facade. The fakeness succeeds him and his family.  I have found over the years that he likes doing things to impress people. It doesn’t matter whether what he is doing is the right thing or the wrong. He will beg in order to get his way at any hour of the day.

– The ex has also had the audacity to inform my daughter that she is the worst daughter in the world. Yes, it gets that deep. For a child that I raised as a gifted student who was never a troublemaker, who was afraid that she would get in trouble for just missing the bus, who was always very responsible and very serious, and so much more… How is it that since her father has had her in his custody (2013), somehow, she is now a troublemaker and disappointment as a daughter. Because of his and his new wife’s attitude towards her, my sweetheart has changed dramatically. She also feels as if she is being held hostage in the most abusive circumstances. I don’t get how any man can treat their daughter that way or any woman so awful for that matter.

And when I say awful, I mean spitting in her face, taking the door off the hinges in her bedroom, sending her to boot camp, getting rid of anything that I may have bought for her, pushing her down the stairs, throwing her blankets in the floor because he wasn’t satisfied with how she made it up originally, mentally abusing her, etc. etc.

And the new wifey is steadily patting him on the back. She has even told my daughter that she would also push her down the steps. What kind of woman or man is she? It’s like they are taking revenge on me by using my daughter in order to get it. What MAN does that? How many of you think that what she is going through is also RA (Ritual Abuse). Something that I may have been going through since my own childhood.


 “He see you ain’t got a chance.” (This was said, while I am writing this entry, by one of the many voices that bothers me all day long. Yes, they are watching. Not sure if they are talking about my ex or someone else.)


Can I assume that Ritual Abuse is  generational?

How much do we have to go through? Why do we have to?

I had such a loving family until my gang stalkers showed their ugly faces. We used to hug and kiss quite a lot and we had a lot of fun. Just as a family should be.

My son was even referred to the gifted program while in my custody. Funny how things change when your being gang stalked. They act as if the most obvious things remain unseen. It’s as if they have tunnel vision.

Why my family? Why could they not just leave me alone?

It’s still hard for me to believe that my birthplace, Virginia, breached my family to please my ex-husband because he is a criminal. And my children’s lives are paying dearly for it. The same man who held a knife against my own throat in the past and is on record for abusing others. I should have never dropped those charges.

Thanks a lot to Virginia and its goon squads.

Keeping a mother away from her children just so that they can ruin their lives further.

Yeah, we really appreciate it.








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