Up at 4:36am. Under Attack with No Sleep In Site

gangstalkers II

It’s 4:05pm. I just lifted my head off my pillow. For some reason, these thieves feel that I don’t need to sleep.

It is has been one zap to my face after another. They enjoy aiming at my face. It seems that they don’t mind leaving evidence behind. My skin is burning again.

And this might sound crazy, but I actually saw the laser pointed directly at my face with my eyes open beneath my sleeping bag. It was small. Slightly bigger than a no. 2 pencil eraser and it was the color blue. Something about it looked as if it was rotating. I couldn’t tell if it was the blue part in the middle or the slim ring surrounding it. At least it looked as if it had a ring around the blue section. It was weird because I had never actually seen the laser before but I saw it pointing in very close proximity to my face at eye level. I managed to jump up quickly but they still managed to fire it so that I felt the ray before I was able to get completely out of the way.

I am not kidding, it was as if the tip of the weapon had materialized before me. It reminded me of some type of blue plasma.

The gun was pointing from the direction of the house to the right of this one at basement level. It was the weirdest thing.

And not to fail to mention, the police drive in that direction all the time. I am not sure who our what is down the street or next to us but it seems that the road is nothing more than a circle. They drive down the street just to come back around again. They do this every day. What are they trying to prove? I already know that I am being surrounded for no reason other than major stupidity.


There is also a crazy sounding female that just won’t be quiet. She sounds very tomboyish. Twice, I felt something like a hand touch my head and tugged it backwards. They can’t even keep their hands to themselves.

They still haven’t shut up and they sound so off that it makes perfect since that these groups called Klaverns, Klaverts, or whatever they call themselves, work within the Cartel. It would explain a lot. There must be many subgroups, clubs, cults, mobs, etc within the organization. Tis the phrase ‘crime syndication’.

When will it all end? Or will we, including them, have no life left. Somehow, it doesn’t seem as if they have one anyway.

4:17pm Needled at the top of my head.

4:29pm Magnetic Pull

4:35pm Magnetic Pull again

See…it never ends.


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