Hello Kitty and More Gang Stalker Quotes


Right before four o’clock this afternoon, a black and pink vehicle drove past the house, made a circle, then drove past the front of the house again. I was sitting down on the front walk when it passed. The vehicle was decorated with the ‘Hello Kitty’ motif. The phrase was actually located on the vehicle doors and I also noticed the phrase ‘Ms Kitty’ near the back end.

Kitty use to be my nickname back in high school for a chosen few. My ex-husband also became adapted to my nickname and used it often. And as feminine as this car was, the driver definitely did not look female but I could be wrong. You know how that goes. Sometimes you just can’t tell.

Somehow, when the car passed the first time, I almost banked on it turning around and coming back up. I was right. My stalkers do that quite often. They drive by any home that I may be located, circle around, then drive by again. I sometimes feel the prick of a needle on my head as they have passed. It is very real.

Driving by their victims is just another means of how they ‘wire up’ to their victims in order to torture them with their weapons. At least from my experience anyway. Sometimes they race by just to get it over with.

Anyway, this particular ‘Hello Kitty’ vehicle did not race by like most of them do. The driver actually slowed down so that I could get a better look. My first thought was,”Was that for me? How quaint.”

I would normally dismiss what happened but, unfortunately, it wasn’t the first time that they flaunted the ‘Hello Kitty’ in my face. It happened quite often during the street theater that they created on my behalf.

If there was nothing to it, somebody went through a lot of trouble.

Who knows.

Below are more quotes that were screamed by my gang stalkers and my comments. They are still talking and I am still writing.



“Doll knows why you ain’t clouted.” (I am assuming that, for some reason, this is suppose to be important.)

“We tried to matinee you ain’t dine.” (With who? And why is it their business?)

“We really tried to matinee.” (They really think that I am their personal bootleg soap opera.)

“He think you ain’t cope.” (It is not easy.)

“He thanks your light ain’t showing. (I have no idea.)

“They wanna send you to jail.” (Going through all of this weapon torture while they intentionally paralyze my life and my children’s… Sounds as if I am already there. Could it be possible that I may be in ‘time served’ for whatever it may be? Not to fail to mention, the torture hasn’t ended. I’m still serving.)

“You need Helen gone.” (Who the heck is Helen?)

“All they need is a new bullet.” (Go for it.)

“He told us not to do it.” (This was said after I was shot in my back by their weapon on the 14th while attempting to fall asleep.)

“I can’t help.” ( This was said by a man who sounded really gruff and very crazy after the last comment.)

“That’s why you ain’t quint.” (I am not a quint because I was not born a quint. Does this sound like an identifying factor to you? Quintuplets? Really? Or am I missing something?)

“You need to be released.” (I am not making this up folks. Yes, a female actually said this.)

“You ain’t Belize.” (No. I am proud to be an American for at least I know I’m free… —At least we were anyway.)

“They wanted to destroy you.”  (That’s nice.)

” They just knew you wouldn’t leap.” (Nowhere but up from here.)

“What I get, you lose.” (Thief.)

“He just lied to my face.” (Don’t know what that is about.)

“He’s trying to heat your bill.” (What haven’t they done?)

“You ain’t got a good look.” (Whatever that means.)

“We all got clear.” (Of?….)

“We all gon’ shoot you.” (Ok?…)

“You ain’t in good news.” (Let me guess. Something else that they have manufactured behind my back. One more thing to add to the many scams that they have already done on my behalf. Possibly in regards to money and/or my ex-husband, as usual.)

“You ain’t die.” (I am already half dead judging by what they have already done to my body. What exactly are they referring to?)











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