Pieces of the Puzzle- A TI Story

More comments made by the local goon squad.

“We got the perfect wash.”

“If we ever abort, you’ll be constant jest.”

” You see we gaining getting hostile.”

“Ain’t nobody else we want to do.”

“You got to be used.”

“You got a lot of injury.”

“We gaining overthrow.”

“They need you dense.”

“We gotta get chasey.”

“We making you wallow.”

“It’s a coon.”

“Dough told in defiance.”

“You know we crazy.”

“You not gon’ zoom.”


This situation has gotten ridiculous. After so many years, my gangstalkers still have not vanished. It seems as if they are talking through every wall.

“We are invading your space,” a female says as I write this entry.

This is a prime example of how much they really are invading my space. I have never seen people so obsessive in my entire life. Can we assume that they have no life of their own?

Lately, I have been deeply dissecting my past. Always in the attempt to gain clarity as to when this all actually started for me. I have discovered that the key to discovery lies in dissecting past relationships.

Some of the things that I have noticed about these people is that they have serious delusions of grandeur and they have another obsession with status quo. Being or meeting celebrities seems to be a big deal to them.

Because they are so entranced with super egos, it forced me to think further back on whom I have actually met that could explain their abnormal behavior towards me. Keep in mind that I have never met people quite like this before or it could be that the people that I have met were hiding their true character the entire time. Actually, the last choice would make more sense.

Anyway, I managed to turn my thoughts back to when I was growing up in Danville. After so much mention of hawks or Hawks, it came to me one day that my mother was in a brief relationship with someone she claimed had played in the NBA. He use to come by our home to visit her after she and my father divorced. It was weird. I can’t really remember how old I was at the time.

The man’s name was Calvin Crews. It wasn’t until my adulthood when I realized that he actually did play professional basketball.

He was a very tall, lanky man who rarely smiled. I had two nicknames for him. One was Crews Control and the other was Knobby Knees. I was probably twelve or thirteen. I don’t know.

This story is only relevant because of my targeting experience for the following reasons:

1. My own mother turned against me. Even when I was young, she acted as if I was her worst enemy sometimes. The awful names that she use to call me was unusual for any mother to do. I didn’t understand much about what was going on then but now can I assume that it was Ritual Abuse? She, as well as others, are very angry people. Was she also a part of a Klavern? Hell, is everyone in Danville a Klavern?

2. Gang stalkers go ape over who they believe are famous.

3. The mention of hawks or Hawks that they seemed to love to blab out loud.

4. And the realization that C.C. may have actually played for that particular team.

Still in an attempt to piece the puzzle together…

My mother was good friends with a Shelton whose daughter actually married someone within the Edmund’s family (Miami Dolphins).

So…I guess my question would be…

Was my mother’s connection with ex-professional ball players’ one of the reasons why I am being targeted by people that may have been famous and, not to fail to mention, the groupies and thugs that flock around them.

Still trying to figure it all out. This is really a huge mess and I am tired of being a guinea pig for the ghetto fabulous. (11:23pm Needled on the right of my head as I wrote the last line.)

And, to make matters worse, I had a very brief relationship with a relative of the ex-Dolphin as I was in the middle of getting divorced. They called him Big Mike who was somehow cut off from, if I am not mistaken, the New York Jets for drug usage.

Just to make a long story short…

The usual promises that they never keep, the short trips to nowhere, the stand-me-up on my birthday, etc. etc. etc.

Hell, the lies alone would give anyone a headache.

I can recall riding with him to North Carolina. We had planned to go to a nightclub but we never made it in. During the drive there, he asked me to marry him. He became very upset that I got a good laugh out of that. We hadn’t known each other that long. Especially, not long enough to get married.

I thought it was a joke. Seriously. And it probably was a joke considering what I am currently going through. The molds that they call ‘men’ in their network are not broken. Every one of them seemed to be no different than the last. Always up to no good. It’s like a huge playground and they won’t let you leave.

It should be no wonder that men seemed to just show up in my presence. Believe me, I never had to hunt or manipulate for a date. And, coincidentally, the relationships pretty much all ended the same way.

Still getting a lot of ‘magnetic pulls’ to my body quite frequently. Sometimes, they do this almost every two minutes. Then they will break for a few minutes just so that they may start up all over again.

It’s 11:55pm More magnetic pulls as I write this.

Anyway, this is all a part of fitting the pieces together. There will be more to come.

Thanks for listening. God Bless.

Why me?











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