We’re trying to give you the boot.”



Below are more comments made by my gang stalkers and my personal rebuttals.

“It’s Cartels,” they say.

Who wouldn’t believe that? The criminals that we, as Targeted Individuals, are surrounded by daily tell the story no matter what they choose to call it.

“We’re trying to give you the boot,” a deep male voice says.

Ok. Can someone please tell me what that even means? Give me the boot from what? How can you boot someone from something that they were never a part of?

The only real memberships that I can recall ever having were during high school. Girl Scouts, Track, Cheerleading, Euantes, Spanish Club, etc. etc.

But guess what…


We are not in high school anymore.

So do you see what I have to deal with on a daily basis simply because my stalkers have a tendency to be very dillusional and just a bit dingy.

Everytime I walk outside, there are voices screaming from every angle. And it seems that they are all directed towards me. But why are they going through so much effort? Who are they trying ro impress?

(And as I am writing this, they are still talking as if I WANT to hear anything that they have to say.)

I graduated high school in 1994 and I have been a mother since I was 19 years old. It gets better. I held my first job when I was 16 years old.

How many of you would agree that I have earned my right of passage which should allow me to live the rest of my life peacefully. Heck, I worked my ass off for my family and not with a hell of a lot of help. So why are these people piled on top of me as if they have a right?

I don’t owe them dues to their little clubs and they don’t own property rights to my body, so why won’t they just leave me alone? In my mind, their damages are adding up so if anyone needs to be compensated, it is me.

You won’t believe how worn out I am from all of this. Since 2012, my body has ensured these screamers weapons. It is EXHAUSTING! They don’t stop. It’s a continuous obsession for them and it is all for nothing.

Sometimes, it seems as if someone is just using Targeted Individuals as distractions for our stalkers while their handlers work on other things catered to their own self interest. While gang stalkers are concentrated on us, their handlers are possibly focused on robbing them too or something else more criminal. Just a theory. It is funny how many birds they are killing with just this one stone called gang stalking, isn’t it?


“You have to be teen-aging,” said another male voice.

This actually proves the first comment. At what point will these people grow up?

There is nothing wrong with having fun, don’t get me wrong. But to have fun at someone else’s expense is WRONG! Bullies are not cool… just in case they missed the memo.

Who hasn’t heard of playing responsibly?

I have noticed, too, that they do initiate many teenagers into their gangs. They have no idea that they are ruining their own lives before it even gets started. It’s poison. Once they are in, they are stuck. What a waste.

In conclusion, I would like to comment father on…

“We’re trying to give you the boot.”

If the thought of giving me the ‘boot’ from something makes them feel better, would they leave me alone?

It’s mighty funny that they waited until I was thirty in order to ‘boot’ me from anything. And now I am thirty-nine. They are not done booting yet? Whatever that was suppose to mean. They like to invent things, don’t they?

Or maybe I should be asking…Who signed me up?

They also mentioned Negril today. If there is one thing that I so know in Danville…

Negril= George Breedlove and family







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