Another Sleepless Night

2:34am Needled to the head.

They have fired and manipulated their weapons upon my body at least 7 times, if not more, since I have tried to close my eyes fall asleep.

They seem to enjoy microwaving my face over and over again. I guess that it will just be more evidence to collect for the future. The damage is already great.

They have already admitted, while clowning around on their intercom system, about how easy it is to target me.

There is someone that they may be lying to in order to get the permission to do it according to their very loud conversations. Who is it that they have to report to I wonder?

Now, the microwaves to my body are very real but are they making up everything else? It would be interesting to find out.

Plus, I am about sick and tired of hearing about someone’s ‘good cookie’. Can this get anymore childish? So, if not Breedlove, then who is the one in charge that needs to be imprisonated in order for me to have peace?

They are still clowning and it is now 2:47am. My skin is burning and I am very tired.

These people do too much for no reason whatsoever. Can they be cute with someone else?

2:51am Needled in the head again.

2:52am Needled in the head again.



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