It’s 1:45am and All Is Not Well



It’s 1:45am and it seems that these wig-wearing gang members and their male entourage have made a sport out of attacking me with their radio, microwave/electromagnetic weapons. It’s going to be another long night.

“They need your electrobes.”

“They’ll only need a minute.”

Blase, blase.

And they are set on getting their way. The upsetting part is that I can feel their eyes peering at me while they run off at the mouth. There is one female in particular that sounds very whiney and offensive.

As a matter of fact…

According to them, I still don’t have enough ‘lumps’ and, I am going to be needing medication soon. I am, coincidently, radiated as I type this.

For the past half hour at least, they have microwaved my facial are and body back to back. I cannot turn in any direction or cover my head without seeing that flash of light, even with my eyes closed.

This is ridiculous that I am holed up and not bothering anyone, yet, I am consistently enduring assault and battery by electromagnetic, laser weapons.

When will justice prevail where innocent people will no longer be subjected to the abuse of Klavern, gangs, cults, and mobs?

When will someone release these people of the weapons that they never should have had to begin with?

And another thing, if we were allowed to ‘Purge’ without legal consequences, then why is it one-sided?

Stop the mishandle of space-based weapons (electromagnetic, microwave, laser, radio, etc.)

*Bind criminals with torturous offenses and those with no regard for human life.




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