Before I Go…Or Not- A TI Testimony

Knive-A new way of saying ‘a new enemy or new issue’ according to the world of gang stalkers.

“You got a new knive,” they say.

What do you do when gang stalkers are constantly gathering new enemies or creating new issues for targeting purposes? Twenty-four hours a day gang stalkers work scavenge through their victims’ lives. Working through any relationships that the target may have in order to design new bullets to shoot at them. A freak world of lies and sabotage that benefits no one but them in a way that pushes them ahead of the game called life while their victims’ suffer from a lack of family, money, and self-esteem.

Most of my life, I had to work for almost every dime that I had. It wasn’t me to depend on anyone else for financial gain. One of the blessings of doing this was that I gained no enemies. So it amazes me that I am now a Targeted Individual. Where did all of the enemies come from?

It took many years of piecing together what had really happened that led me to such a deadly fate. I am still in the dark about a lot of things and have actually thought about contacting a government agency in order to get the whole truth so help them God. But do you think that they would actually give me the facts or would it just lead to more lies? What do you do when your own government no longer has your back?

“I hope you die,” they say. How scary is that? Especially when you never had an enemy… or so you thought.

As to what I have gathered, it was my personal relationships that caused major problems and I, obviously, had no idea.

You see, my problem began while when I was young. There was someone in my life that I may have had a personal or not so personal relationship with that was already a member of the gang, cult, and/or Klavern.

Honestly, it is shocking that I am being abused in this way because many of my personal relationships of the opposite sex have been short-term. Could it be that, that was the problem to begin with? Did they not like the fact that I did not want to hang around long enough for them to continue to hurt me? Or was there a lot of jealously involved because there may have been someone else in the picture that I did not know about? If that is true, how is that my fault?

Anyway, based on my observations, I had already noticed how badly I had been treated by the time I married at 20. It was later in the years that I found out that the man that I married was into a lot more than he told me about. Whatever group that he was a part of was deeply criminal. I had no idea he was capable of a much and when I think back on how I relationship began, I know see that he was just an extension of what had already been staged. My targeting. Believe me, I had no idea.

So, before these people manage to kill me off, I would like to give you a break down of my story.

After graduating George Washington High School in Danville, Virginia, I attended Bauder College in Buckhead, Atlanta, Georgia located in the basement of Phipps Plaza (it has since been moved to Downtown Atlanta). I was also accepted to Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia, Shaw University in Raleigh, North Carolina, and two others. My decision to go to Bauder was because of my fascination of actually living in Atlanta and I was dying to get as far away from Dead Zone Danville, Virginia.

Living in the Atl was actually really fun during my first year there. I met so many people of almost every lifestyle. Our dormitory was an actual apartment complex. There were six girls per apartment so it was also cool to have so many roommates. Because it was a namely all girl school with only three males attending, life became very interesting.

My roommates and I met quite a few interesting, talented people. I can recall that we went on a one night tour with the City Boyz of Atlanta with two of my roommates. At Dugan’s on Ponce de Leon, I met a very nice photographer by the name of Reginald Anderson who did his best to convince me to model but I never did. You see, I always shied away from being a real celebrity.

I can remember meeting a young man named Maurice who, coincidently, was a professional comedian and funny as heck. He later introduced me to artists such as Tony Thompson from the group Hi-Five.


Tony Thompson of the R&B group Hi-Five.

(RIP… It was was so wonderful to meet you.)


Tony actually made a special trip to my dormitory so that Maurice could introduce us. It was soooo exciting! And because of my friendship with Maurice, he also arranged for me to meet Big Boi of the group Outkast.


Big Boi of Outkast

I was really thinking at the time…

“What the heck did I do to deserve this!” but, it was all short-lived. Meeting him was awesome, nonetheless.

Now, please remember that I am only sharing this because my life may also be short-lived, so I would love for people to know what did and did not do before they pass judgment after something tragic happens. Plus, I would really like for my readers to get to know who I really am. And, just in case your wondering, I was never a celebrity.

Anyway, as many of you know, I was on a talk show in New York City. My roommates and I also met other people in multiple industries but, to this day, I can not recall all the names. It seemed we were frequently under the influence of alcohol and marijuana. Typical.

As of now, I wonder what was really going on. Was it all just coincidence? Or were the meetings actually part of the bigger plan that led up to what I am now experiencing? If you want my true opinion, I believe that it was something like a setup all along. It’s my guess anyway.

Moreso, after meeting the man that I eventually married only because he needed a greencard. I was pregnant at 19 and married at 20 and did not finish college prior to that. Mostly because it bored me. Sometimes I think that I would have been better off going to a university.

It’s funny, but I never was really compensated for anything that I really did. I wasn’t even compensated for sacrificing my freedom in order that my African boyfriend could gain a greencard.

And to add insult to injury, I never had the wedding of my dreams no matter how much I begged him. As a matter of fact, he did not want me to tell my family that we had gotten married. It took an argument with my mother a year later that revealed my true relationship with Mustapha. Does anyone understand how hurtful it is when you your dreams are crushed due to someone else’s selfishness and insensitivity?



My wedding…

I had left my, then, boyfriend in Georgia after having my baby and moved back to Virginia with my mother.

Mustapha calls and says that he needed to get married right away because he was in trouble with the law and was afraid of being deported. It seemed that his crew began disappearing one by one for that very reason. He still did not offer to give me a wedding.

So, I agreed. I did not want to see anything happen to him.

He planned everything from Georgia. After he later arrived to Virginia, we got married in the basement of a church off of Memorial Drive in Danville, Va. at around 9:00pm. No wedding and no witnesses outside of a pastor that wore gray sweatpants and a T-shirt. I was not wearing a wedding dress and nor was he wearing a tux. He had sized the wedding rings (that he bought off someone) incorrectly. It seemed that he rather liked the female ring sized to his finger and the male band sized to mine. Oh, he later claimed that he did not know the difference or did he just not care? It didn’t really matter anyway. My ring changed colors within a few months so I stopped wearing it. I never even had a real engagement ring.

After the vow exchange, we went to dinner and then he dropped me back off at my mother’s house and proceeded to drive back to Georgia.

Yes, you heard me. He said not spend the night or make other arrangements to be with me. Needless to say, there was no honeymoon.

I feel a used. And not to fail to mention, this ia the same man who is currently endangering his own children and the same man who is attempting to embezzle money from me by using false pretenses.

How? By using his network of criminals, he managed to gain custody of our children without proper documentation without even acknowleding that he was already over 10,000 dollars behind in child support during the decision. And, now, he has filed for child support from me, knowing that I was only working a part-time job at the time and he never should have had custody to begin with. (That can be easily proven.)

What he wants is for me to help him pay off his own debt. He certainly won’t be using it to take care of my daughter who has suffered greatly already in his care and DFACS does nothing because they would rather he make money and do a banged up job on my daughter. Money in which I don’t have because I am without a job and identification due to the, so called, child support issues.

He is one evil bastard for sure.

I still can’t believe that I helped him as much as I did and got almost nothing out of it.

I have bailed him out of jail over and over again. Used my name to bring his mother, Musu Sirleaf, his brother, and his sister to this country. I literally did some of his homework so that he could graduate college. I created a very comfortable home for he and our children and worked my ass of to feed all of them. Why the heck would I deserve he and his new tramps self-righteous treatment?

I fail to understand why they do the things that they do to hurt me and my children.

And even after all of that, I am the one undergoing lasers, radiation, blacklisting, etc. These criminals were all following me all along weren’t they?

To be continued…

















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