Targeted Individuals Murdered

Targeted Individuals Murdered
List of some of the TIs I’m aware of, whom were murdered by these weapons Dec 2015.
May all of them rest in peace, now.

1) Ron Gilman of California of Youtube, FFCH w/interviews on Coast to Coast,

2) Scott Fulbright of S.C.

then a 3rd… a female who’s name escapes me right now. Sorry. She’’  was beauitufl. Took her own life—she could not take the v2k any longer Sad smile Her TI boyfriend is heartsick.

And 4 more

The list of TIs that died recently below, any info on dates of their passing or on TIs who have passed away that aren’t on my list would be appreciated…

R.i.p to the following TIs who recently died:

1. Alyssa Orr:

2. Alex Foster:…

3. Jacqueline Feli Roche:

4. kelly Caslar:

List created by Chris

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