Another Day As Klaverns Unite


(Photo copied from . Does anyone see how ridiculous this looks?)

And they are still trying to make me crazy. Really people?

I am still waiting for the day where I won’t have to worry about writing about what is going on in Danville, Va. or anywhere else in regards to Gang Stalkers, Klaverns, Nazis, etc.

It should be obvious now to many that these types of programs actually exist amongst the world population or TIs would have something better to talk about. This is, no doubt, the absolute worse thing that has ever happened to me and I am sure that there are many others that would feel the same.

For the past three nights, they must have given me a small vacation away from their weapons usage. The most that I experienced was the occasional needle in the head or the magnetic pull that feels as if something is moving my body without actually seeing what is causing it. It seems that the controllers of these weapons have quite an imagination. It’s sickening.

As to the tale of the day, well, it seems that they have collected new people to aide in targeting me. I say this only because some of the voices that are taunting me through their very loud system are beginning to sound different. They are, however, still using some of the old obssesives, as well.

Right now, it is 8:35pm and they have added extra pressure to my head. I do not know what technology they used to do this but it is very uncomfortable. This usually happens a lot throughout the day. Is this the way that they read our thoughts or is this done to intentionally make us crazy? Does anyone know the answer? This torture tactic was used only after they layered my head, literally. I would love to know what my x-rays showed that made the x-ray tech go ‘wow’. What did they do to me?

Also, at this moment, I am being needled in my head.

Quotes for the day told by the Klaverns to the best of my knowledge…

“You ain’t quacked!”

“I’m skilled.You ain’t gon’ indict me.”

“They needed new ignorance.”

“They didn’t know the way we angry.”

“He said you ain’t gon’ live.”

“We ain’t even wait!”

“She just went to who obeyed.” (Now, this quote is rather fishy to me. Earlier today, I noticed a white vehicle drive up the street past my family’s home. A female was driving. One thing that many TI’s do know about many gang stalker groups is that they seem to drive white cars regularly. This was the first thing that got my attention. The second thing was that the female driving looked like someone I use to work with at Schewels Furniture. Her name was Jeree Barksdale, a definite member of the gang and/or Klaverns’ that are constantly attacking me. I know this because she was one of the key parties that felt the need to work mob me out of employment.

“We can do this. We can do that…” Blah, blah, blah. She was one of those that smiled in your face while scheming behind your back. You know the type. I can also recall the constant ‘nothing’ that she loved to say whenever I was present. Oh yeah, I also recall that she and many others were, based on the street theater that they trapped me in, looking for ‘rings’. That’s around the time when the store became crowded with a lot of eye candy. These people were coming out of the woodwork. It was incredible. I had never seen so many people in Danville my entire life as I have lived here on and off for a long time.

Anyway, for some reason the employees and customers made it seem as if we were in some type of competition.   Believe me, the competition must have been in their schizophrenic heads. I wasn’t even looking for a new relationship. One reason being because they had already put me through so much already and, not to fail to mention, these people were haunting me in my own home. If all they were looking for was to get hitched, what the hell did they need me for? I was not the one in the way.

I remember a day where she threw herself down in the office chair at one of the clerk stations like a whiny child and said to the credit manager walking up beside her, “Why does she get the good ones?” She was staring at me the entire time. I really didn’t know what she was referring to. I had already noticed how everyone was babying her up so it didn’t surprise me when the credit manager consoled her. It seemed that she had it in for me then but really did not know her.

Now, as to the vehicle passing the house today, I won’t guarantee that who I saw was, indeed, Jeree Barksdale, but it damn sure looked like her. Plus, she also drove a white vehicle.

And, for some reason, I just knew that I was going to go through hell tonight in dealing with their weapons simply because I saw this woman while she was breaking her neck to see me.

I even feel sometimes that they have a female gang. Yeah, it gets real weird. This place is flooded with voluntary criminals.

More quotes…

“She just went to see who obeyed.”

“He ain’t gon’ need a new house.”

“We don’t have any authority.”

“They ain’t gon’ hang her after she got G.”

Also, earlier this evening, I was watching the movie ‘The Conjuring’, there was a scene where something dropped loudly to the floor as one of the characters stood fearfully at the top of the staircase. Once whatever it was dropped, I was immediately radiated. I rewound it back to the same scene and, at that exact moment, I was radiated again. Nothing happened the third time around.

My question is, who is left that can stop these people from frying us to death amongst other things? Or is that the whole idea?

None of this is funny by the way. Yet, I am still getting tugged by their weapons. Somebody thinks it is.







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