Remote Neuronal Scanning with Corruption and Mutiny Programming, is being run Rampantly over the past 5 years, Through the U.S.A., by a Large, Covert and Wicked Gang of Often Satinist $talkers, Targeting Me and Countless other Victims Using long distance remote Electroencephalograph (E.-E.G.) Neuronal M0nitoring Transmitters Covertly Mounted with subtle to heavy Dir-ected Energy Weap0n (D.-E.W.) Assaults and Counterfeit Sound Broadcasts by Carr!er Current Overlapping Sounds in the Environment. Also Radio Heter0dyning (Molesting) Human Thoughts with Lies after Stealing and Manipulating our Nerves Electromagnetic Energy Fields of Information. This Deceptive, Organized Crime Group is behind Racketeering and Whoremongering throughout the entire U.S.A., Largely Desecrating Nature and Humanity by The Criminals Electronic Surveillance devices.
Last Revised February 27th, 2016
Gang $talkers corrupt powerbrokers have illegally (and sometimes legally through corrupt channels) snuck remote Electroencephalographic (EEG) transmitting microchip devices (i.e. Wi-Fi micro-transmitters) into at least 12% of mostly unaware citizens in Albuquerque and Los Ranchos NM and possibly a much higher percentage (i.e. 50% as of September 2015).These covert, disheartening, mentally invasive and nonconsensually slipped devices are powered by muscle/nerve/tissue mechanical energy conductors and often WiFi or Radio data connected. Stalkers/Spies have also snuck a plethora of E.E.G. micro-transmitters onto the property of residential, religious, commercial, public and private lands, plus entertainment and industrial sectors of the Western Hemisphere. Sadly, they are already trying to form your thoughts and ‘opinions’ on forming perverse tyrannies through several short range and long range devices. These wicked stalkers have a rapidly growing intelligence and manpower network of nasty, perverse, defecting and sinister whoremongers across the U.S. (up 3 – 10% a year).
They now strategically occupy a part of most towns and cities. They care the least about life and they are in the business of experimenting on and mutilating most forms of life for greed (see list of crimes on last page, hits on gang $talking on internet search engines and counter-intelligence pillaging). They continue expanding by laying more mobile and covertly planted micro-transmitters, for overwhelming and placating massive amounts of people with advanced secret nerve monitoring and manipulating technologies. While misinforming millions, they’re base of complicits also grows. By years of revile plotting, they are stratigically disrespecting in almost everyones livelihood. Below is an idea how they continue to innovate ‘more’ while placating many.
From a highly revealing article off Herme’s Press, (hermes-press dot com /altstates dot htm), “Around 1908 an Austrian Psychiatrist named Hans Berger announced that it was possible to record the feeble electric currents (brain waves) generated on the brain, without opening the skull, and to depict them graphically onto a strip of paper. Berger named this new form of recording the electroencephalogram (EEG, for short): electro = electrical; encephalon = head; graph = drawing/picture. Quantitative EEG (QEEG) is digital recording of the EEG. For decades it was only possible to record the various brain waves on paper with the traditional polygraph. The EEG rhythms were amplified and used to drive pens, one for each recording electrode. As the pens fluctuated from the EEG rhythms, a long piece of graph paper was dragged under the pens by a motor, creating the graph of the electrical activity” and this is within different parts of the brain.
The author of the article includes, “Over the last several decades, advances in signal processing have made it possible to sample the EEG waves many times per second (usually 128 or 256 samples per second) and to analyze and depict them in a variety of ways.” In a seperate research study from four years ago, researchers concluded that advances in technology have doubled every 3-5 years over the past 30 years.
Gang $talkers have sworn in members daily and harbor a large ‘complicit’ base. Those targeting me are mostly Hispanics. However,  there are many different races spying on citizens and immigrants in almost every field of work. Combined they have stolen an endless stream of personal information of most U.S. citizens by remote EEG surveillance. Yet they skip millions of criminal charges, while they are still insulated by a few corrupt parts of government.
Definition: Gang $talking is spreading crime, racism, poisons, pointed thinking, racketeering, whore mongering, mutilation and disease in abusive systems. It seeks evil power with remote neuronal monitoring, heter0dyning (a very unethical and grotesque mind deception form of manipulation), by replacing words and environmental sounds produced and/or heard using carrier current frequencies (mimicry) for fear mongering and covertly enforcing harmful transmitters with directed energy weapons and remote rape on tellers of the truth.
In 2010 the Dept. of Justice reported 200,000 to 1 million U.S citizens were targeted by $talker crime groups of 3-50 $talkers. Today this number is significantly higher. $talkers with Dir-ected Energy Weapons and wireless voice harassment is highly debilitating on victims. Some are being shot by ‘dirty’ 0.1 – 0.03mm minuet projectiles, while being misinterpreted as bug bites, rash, etc. $talkers are still breaking and entering, poisoning and then intercepting-blocking-and-replacing whistle blowers communications. Thousands of gang $talkers still go totally undetected and uninvestigated by authorities while also destroying property, radio heter0dyning disinformation, remote rape (i.e. Remote spinal cord nerve pulsing), remote murder (electrocuting hearts by internal and external D.-E.W.s), massive remote pedophilia, harassment, sab0taging communication, transportation and train of thought.
In 5 years gang $talkers with RN.M sinisterly broke down my last 5 cars, 7 computers, and close to half my memory. Their lucky break for targeting me endlessly came when they embroiled my family to dishevel me and cause chaos and crime in our home. Paradoxically, THEY could only eek out a minor accident in my moms home November 14th, 2011. From here they staged daily denigration of my character for neutral-izing me. Well over a hundred types of sab0taging me and to a less amount, my family, before, during and after getting home from $70,000 a year Desert Tortoise Biological Technician Training in California. Sab0taging came primarily by combination of several gang $talkers radio transmitting death threats at me and my family, using .EEG of our nervous systems communication at all levels, destroying two cars, virus on both my computers, drugging and poisoning after trespassing onto my property, using V.L.F. Carrier Currents and cable splicing for replacing words off speakers and sounds in my vicinity, shooting me all night before the accidental small bump and threats whenever I tried leaving that house up to the present, 4.3 years later.
The bidder of the remote chaos wanted my family neutralized for remote neuronal monitoring, deceiving and corrupting grade school children next door from us. Remote nerve energy monitoring and atrocious alteration still goes on at North Valley Academy and less so at Taylor Mid School. Perpetrators laid in hundreds of .EEG transmitters, carrier current and radio heterodyning transmitters, corrupting the school of thought.
They’ve used hidden, remote operated DEW torture devices on me since mid 2011, while adding false libel around town. In Jan. 2014, they had UNM ER intravenously sneak their latest .EEG weapon which mobily made its way to my spinal cord (see 1951 US inventions secrecy act, 2001 Patri0t Act, 1917 Espi0nage act and over 20,053 satellites currently used to experiment, target and silence people worldwide).
After an EE.G mobile, covertly planted transmitter with militant directed energy weapon was covertly placed in our Albuquerque homes ductwork early 2011, I was unknowingly being remotely scanned out and sabotaged throughout 2011 and then majorly sabotaged since November 1st 2011. Criminals exposed important biological matter: Nervous Systems Electromagnetic Energy that’s loaded with all our personnel information. Commonly under noticed and reported problem crooks pose on the population. For five years they’ve been lying our lives and culture to degeneration in the name of jealosy, greed, vengeful lust and false teaching.
They are immoral crooks with Rem0te Neur0nal M0nitoring (R. Neur.M.) and Assaults. All day an assault crew rotates targeting nerves in my body with D. En.We. transmitters and WiFi electrocuting my heart, brain, spine and remotely raping me everyday. This while electromagnetically heterodyning in lies and horrible ideas over every human and animals nerve electromagnetic energy communication deceiving original ‘internal’ electromagnetic energy information across functioning nerves and neurons. Another big weapon of gang $talkers is a very in depth and finely tuned set of carrier current frequencies overlapping segments of original sound broadcasts which literally replaces the sounds and words perceived to be heard by coupling computer voice mimicking system on targets electronic speakers output and internal biological auditory input.
Gang $talkers are EE.G imaging and brain washing up to half the U.S. population. They have an E.EG transmitter factory loaded with lucraive remote technologies for stealing & replacing information and sound waves and even shooting minuet projectiles. There are many added complicating matters that form barriers to catching and punishing covert and technical  criminals. Even with my Ba.Sc. in Wildlife Management, staying alive and capable has been extremely hard to do from stalkers daily damages (e.g. restrained treason, poisonings).
Feb 3 2016, 150am – Hispanic Gang $talkers shot me with minuet projectiles seven times today, the past year daily avg, nerve pulsed my private parts ~50 times, spread false slander around me ~ 50 times, transmitted direct and carrier current harassment at me several times per minute about every other minute all day, sprayed bloating poison on my coffee last night, stretched out my facial nerves to alter my expression hundreds of times, talk cocky like they can remotely corrupt, mutilate and rape anyone in Minnesota I talk to or see, shot DEW to make me itch 50 times, shot to mash, mangle, displace my nerve group composition 100 times, heterodyned false thoughts and tones into half my thoughts all day, mangled about 1/3 of my thought to self words, erased half my memories of the past year by poisoning and gruesome heterodyning, blocked 95% of my text messages on dating site, blocked 90 – 100% of my 22 emails today, broke into cousin Jims apt. over 20 times to poison or place poisoning transmitters and have electrocuted my heart 15 Times today, twice past hour to fry me awake before going to work in morning-
My top gang $talker suspects targeting me and thousands others much less so have some connection between The South Americas to Southwestern US and then abroad all states by powerful & despotic Oligarchs, Satinists, Racists, Mob, and possibly a low percent of some retired state and federal counter!ntelligence employees. I suspect in NM, inside corrupt traitors working with UNM hospital, governors office, electric companies, big banks, radio stations, TV advertising slotters, North Valley Academy and some neighbors around block. They have also been constantly making heinous accusations at me frequently at same time as manipulating my thoughts, expressions, movements, thoughts, reactions and defensive responses combined over 150 times a day.
Unless one of their hidden devices or poisons is detected, most likely it’ll take a team of well reputed and honest experts. Gang $talkers commit about 90% of their crimes from their computers & cell phones to radio transmitters and criminally operated radio towers, satellites and cabling. Their number one rule is never reveal RNM to anyone not sworn in. If anyone reveals what the gang is up to (whistle blowers) they face great potential loss..
Ten top reasons they’re gang stalking and targeting me: 1 My location; 2 They’re racism towards my ancestry; 3 My Environmentalist views opposed to they’re unchecked fracking; 4 My being Christian and living nearby Satanic criminals regime set up; 5 My observation skills; 6 They’re opportunity for EE.G watching more internal nervous systems; 7 The gang members are despisers of the truth; 8 I get defensive and articulate my views politely, whereas, gang $talkers are offensive bullies who often speak rudely; 9 I support democracy, whereas, gang $talkers support Oligarchy; 10 They’re watchful robbers whose back door is poisoning while I try to be a watchful steward.
Information on some members who are more evil and criminal than 99.% of free U.S. citizens and who “set me up for false rumors”:
1) Several staff at North Valley Academy grade school in Los Ranchos, NM & UNM ER
2) Los Ranchos neighborhood block, Guadalupe Tr to 4th st and Ranchitos to El Pueblo rd. Namely, house next door (fence dividing) to outdoor shopping center, and at least 10 other homes including 8203 Guadalupe Trail brick house with big RV and corner of El Pueblo and Guadalupe tr with NS.A truck. All suspect of crimes mentioned in this report.
3) Behind closed doors are beastly anti-Christians.
4) Suspects License plates: One of my Norwegian Moms recent Hispanic $talkers, remote nerve monitoring, molesting and heterodyning her into an incapacitated oblivion of memory loss controlled by a scrawny, evil Hispanic female with fake blonde hair driving Cutlass – MN 835 RXE; MN 928 HN & 876 LPX both Hispanic females seen 2x in NM and once in MN staring at me with guilty looks; MN 961 CEN copper colored SUV bald Hispanic $talking me 2x drive by.  Most of my license plate records of stalkers were stolen. Recent MN lic. 376 LPA seen 4 x, 043 TPV stalker! – Hispanic female in Accord sport seen 5 x by amount of million views of me to see them a few times in their cars. Black BMW with silver window trim. Similarly black Lexus, silver window trim lic #843TTA. Red pickup satanic crook seen her 5 x lic# 291NUH. All I list here I suspect of $talker crimes from witness, location during events and history.
Gang $talkers assault crews make millions of lies, thefts and destructions (paid crimes). Thousands of scanned subjects are being deceived. A few victims of gang $talking websites, i.e. word press dot come, surveillance issues dot come, pinkpeace dot come, Eric Sn0wden reports, hundreds more well reputed web sites and news groups.
Some Statistics on number of crimes committed by gang $talkers:
1 Electroencephalograph (E.E.G.) with Dir-ected Energy Weap0ns (D.E. W.) microchip mounted transmitters criminals planted on my family’s property = ~ 40
2 Brain neurons and body nerves electromagnetic energy scanned (1-50Hz) = Every nerve, multiple times, especially verbal communication neurons
3 Silent Dir-ected Energy Weap0n Shots noticed fired at me = 18,000 – 20,000
4 Times I was poisoned by neurotoxins (e.g. paint thinner) = 20-25 and intestinal bloaters = 180 – 200
5 Internally ‘snuck’ E.EG microtransmitters in me = 4 – 5,  i.e. Las Cruces doctor’s male Hispanic assistant at Ben Archer cochlear pierced implant 2008 and UNM ER platinum blonde  triage nurse intravenously slipped spinal cord micro transmitter Jan 4th, 2014, WiFi remote passed along to over 25 Hispanic thugs, theives and rapists.
6 Personal vehicles destroyed = 5
7 Personal digital computers destroyed = 7, & 7 Cell Phones
8 Personal digital filming cameras destroyed = 5
9 Personal digital audio recorders destroyed = 5
10 Times private hard copy documents stolen = 5 – 10
11 Times grade school children told inflammatory, false libel about me = 70,000 – 100,000; and times I received threats from gang $talkers = 65,000 – 80,000
12 Times verbally audible lying insults transmitting voice & bedlam = 150,000 – 250,000
13 Times my mom was poisoned by neurotoxins = 13 – 17
14 Times my older brother Patrick poisoned by neurotoxins = 5 – 25
15 Times sociopathic $talkers cheated societies brain receptors remotely heter0dyning lies= billions
16 Times my sent emails and texts blocked or altered = 700 – 800
****The next four Statistics are extremely high numbers do to ease & speed of the crimes and high unethical research profits & stakes made by wealthy bidders and 24/7/365 rotating crews.
17 Times nerve-pulsed across nerve channels by spinal cord transmitting device int-ravenously ‘snuck’ in me and violated = >1 million
18 Times gang $talkers remotely altered my neuronal synaptic firing by heterodyning / neuronal-pulsing my thought energies (electromagnetic energy) = > 1 million
19 Times gang $talkers used carrier current frequencies to replace words from electronic media (T.V., F.M. radio, c.d.’s, tapes, etc.) to 2008 cochlear. implant = 1- 1.5 million words and sounds altered
20 Times gang $talkers used car-rier current broadcasts to simulate slander over naturally occurring environmental, physical sounds such as wildlife calls, breathing, car sounds, etc. = 5-6 thousand
21 Human lives they’ve damaged in U.S.A. to point of being committed into a mental insti-tution to neutralize different types of thinking = 10 – 100 per day, inpatient 2 – 40 days and sometimes much longer periods.
22 Times hit by gang $talkers planted sedentary and mobile minuet projectiles (0.5 – 0.03mm) (firearms) dipped in a pathogen = 250 -300, and “clean” minuet projectiles = 100 – 150 *I have dozens of photos of red “blood” dots appearing after hit felt. January 7th Hispanic $talkers fired 3 projectiles ~ .3mm diameter, dipped in nasal polyps near the front door of my moms apartment.
23 New Mexican gang $talkers number of crimes committed = 300 million – 400 million and if adding estimate of secretly and conspiratorial remote nerve energy monitoring masses of people daily and calling it a crime every 20 minutes then add 300 million – 400 million on top for harassing and deceitful brain $talking.
24 New Mexican gang $talkers behaving in ways and doing things that are grossly wrongful = around 1 billion?
25 Members I suspect having a direct hand in my father’s much premature and shocking death = 2 – 6
26 Forms of evidence I have combined from these 26 types of crime (e.g. audio recordings, poisoned supplements and food, virus destroyed computers, bribes, blocked emails, witnesses, testimony, motive, destroyed property,  etc.) = 15 – 20

wordpress dot come, bugsweeps dot come, mind control dot se, f!ghtgang$talking dot com and there are hundreds of other web sites.
You more than just know about gang $talking now. Please relay this message of national importance on to as many people as reasonable. My advice is: live in the reality and energy you create and that the Creator God has created for us, be careful you do not have a virus in your electronics, use good seals to protect your things (or evidence) and keep good surveillance of your property.

Marcus Hopkins


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