What Do You Do When They Say “You Dead.”


When you have a carnival of people on a V2K system saying things like,

“You ain’t gon’ hang on.”


“You dead.”

While being tortured at the same time with electromagnetic weapons. What are you suppose to do?



Realistically (and we all know it’s true), we react. Sometimes to the effect of what some like to call ‘acting out’. Like a lion in the jungle swooping upon his enemy or a chameleon changing colors in a tree, we, as human beings are no different.

What would anyone expect? Is it now unreasonable to do what God intended for us to do? Have the laws of self-protection become near extinction?

You would think that the law still applied to people who threaten people in such a way but, as of now, it doesn’t. I am slowly learning why.


As I was watching ‘Say Yes To The Dress: Atlanta- Countdown to the Wedding’, I began to really think deeply about my misfortune in becoming a Targeted Individual.  Oh, and don’t worry. I am not thinking of jumping a broom with anyone. Especially not with gang stalking cult members.

Anyway, I was thinking of how funny it was to see so many people on television who looked so happy. Planning weddings, taking vacations, having fun with their families, etc., yet, I, on the otherhand, am stuck being beat up by a bunch of unattractive punks who feel that they have no life outside of screwing up mine.

Was that the reason why watching the show felt as if I was viewing people from another planet? It really did. What I was watching just didn’t feel as real as it use to.

Greatfully, I soon shooed the thought and found myself remembering that, I too, was once happy. I use to take vacations and shop to my heart’s content. And even though I never had the luxury of falling in love with a wedding dress, my life was decent.

But now…

What little that did make me happy is now gone because of a BRIBE. Can you believe it?

So what do you do when you know where you have been in your life and want to continue to live life happily, while others, such as Klaverns that form crime syndications, TEAM up in order to force you into a lesser lifestyle?

Can you really blame Myron May or Aaron Alexis for doing what they saw fit in order to expose what is really shaming our worlds? Can you really blame them for challenging those that felt the need to challenge them and get away with it? Assuming that there were similarities in our cases such as knowing their assailants.

How surreal is it when the people that you may have cared about are stabbing you in the back while giving you a hug? It must have hurt to find out how fake their so-called ‘family’ and ‘friends’ really were. Now, let’s just add the threat ‘You’re dead’ to the scenario. Or… ‘You need to die.’

What would be your first thought? You would want to protect yourself by somehow eliminating the problem right? The problem with this is in how we can accomplish this feat without adding to the issue. How is a positive outcome possible when law enforcement is working against saving the innocence of Targeted Individuals?

What do you do if your biological mother is still set on having you committed to a hospital when you haven’t seen her since you arrived to town about three months ago and has had you arrested twice for just that reason. What do you do when your stepmother is participating in your targeting as well by using their technology against you? What so you so when you are me going through all of the above and some?


More Gang Stalker Quotes 

“You know we lied.” ( Possibly, lying to someone about attacking me. My proof is all over my face and inside my body. Obviously, no one is concerned. It is a BRIBE. I don’t know why anyone would believe these goofballs for any other reason. I can see their lies before they come out of their mouths.)

“This heaps on Mary.”

“You see he sleezed.”

“He must know the jury.” (I recall, during the beginning stages of my targeting, the gang stalkers’ would talk about a ‘World Court’. I was somehow being judged by members of this World Court. It is amazing how faithful they are to V2K and to misguiding people.)

“We got so bared. He must be under a West.”

“You are already the most vandaled.”

“You must be the most (vandaled, banned) woman in the world.” (They said this two different ways using the words in parenthesis.)

“They wanted to see you ain’t busy.”

“They knew we maxed.”

“We should not have meddled.”

“They see we indeed lip.”

“They say we indeed lip.”

“We’re desperate.”

“They say we in deep.”

“They got to find another way to heat you.”

“Yes, you got to die (dive?) Not sure which with this one.

“We ain’t gon’ let

“We ain’t gon’ let you do…”  a black female said in my left ear and then someone on the television said … “trading places”

“You ain’t gon’ hang on.”

“You dead.”

“They know we embellish together.”

” They knew we’d be a burden.”

“She wants to scar.”

“They need not know we violent.”

“Now they know I hive (hide?) a posse! (A male screamed this after I posted this blog entry. This comment is an update.)

“We showed your profile.” (This is another update.)


Gang Stalker Terms…



World Court

The Heat (Not sure if they were speaking of the sports team, law enforcement, or what.)



A West

The One

The Heap
























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