More Klavern Comments and Testimonies

“We needed you in lower.”

“We needed you lower than the Klavern.”

“Now they’re complaining to the faculty.”

“We bottled a problem.”

“That doll went crazy.”

“We got too many ways to grief.”

A few days ago, across the street I noticed a Verizon truck parked a few houses up. I use to see these trucks quite a lot when I began experiencing the electromagnetic weapons all over my body. The following was what the Klavern had to say about it. They sounded Black which is no longer surprising. And on the same day, a police vehicle drove down the street before the truck arrived and then back up the street after it was parked.

Here is what they said.

“That’s why Verizon was there. You are being endangered.”

“They want to make sure they get the right angles.”

Today, the Klaverned minions said the following…

“They know it byes you off.”

Who left these people in the street?

For the past two days, I have noticed the city police vehicle 812 drive up and down the street. Not sure why this was done but I know for certain that police officers feel empowered to stalk me to death.

Also in the past, I have noticed the infamous white vans either following me or parked somewhere near me (especially when I I worked at Macy’s in Georgia). I can recall the constant presence of utility vehicles and fire trucks as well. Many Targeted Individuals have similar accounts which is amazing. Surely it is not of value to them to be so consistent? Especially if they planned on pretending that this type of stalking was not really going on. Perfect strangers with the same stories…Really?

A little after 3:30pm today, I was radiated to my face twice in a row. It was the same burning sensation, as usual, accompanied by the flash of light as it hit my body. As if my skin has not already suffered visible damage. I have pictures to prove it.


You can see also see the bruising in the dark areas. The picture above is of the left side of my face that I have previously mentioned is hit the most. And, yet, they carry on as if we have proof of nothing. Honestly, I also hate to see what is in my bloodstream. I was turned away once when try to give blood in order to make a little extra money. They claimed that I ‘did not have veins’ in which to so it. Can you believe that. What were they afraid of? And why are they still continuosly burning my skin if they don’t want people to believe that this is really happening. They act as if they are totally outside of reality.

I had also mentioned before that my most evident began when I was working as a Transportation Assistant at E-Toys Direct aka the Parent Company. I not only was an assistant to the Transportation Supervisor, I also helped start the Transportation Department. And to make matters even worse, I was hired to help train my own Supervisor. Isn’t that a hoot!

After almost four years of employment and a huge change in management, our new management made every effort to push me out of my employment. The Manager of my department, Jim Todd, and his boss, the VP of Transportation, Ron Gilbert began to really make me uncomfortable to the point that I, eventually, walked off the job never to return. I would have had a good case of racism. Even one of the higher management team members, Gigi Healy made certain that Jim Todd was reminded of his duty in whatever their agenda was.

“Are you enjoying your new house, Jim,” she said, but it was the way she looked at him when she said it that told the story. He turned beet red. I don’t know exactly what they had planned but by the looks of it, Jim hated to be reminded that she could have some influence over whether he could lose his home. Hell, even I was amazed that she would go there right in front of me.

Today, I now realize that it was not for my benefit that she said what she said. He had just moved from Florida and his family had followed suit eventually.

When I noticed that I was being work mobbed for the first time after he arrived to E-Toys, we had to have mediation with the Human Resources manager. At that time, I asked him to his face if he was racist towards me seeing that I was the only Black female left in the office and the only one that he seemed to be pushing out. The Gigi comment came after the fact.

I literally could not take what he was trying to do so I left and from that day forward, I have been mobbed at every job that I have ever had since then. It is amazing how desperate people can get in hating people that they never knew. To me, it just proves even more how prejudice they may have really been. They even had the audacity to poke into my personal affairs as if they had every right too. I see that any information that they could find only added to their ammunition. Yes, they were definitely the backside of a donkey.

I wish that they would just leave me alone.

The only thing that I was looking forward to was creating a better life for me and my children. Going back to school and eventually buying a home on the beach were my ultimate goals. I had already had quite a few rough patches but continued to work my butt off, nonetheless. I deserved better.

And through it all, I never did use anyone for my own personal gain but if you were to ask these theives; they would, no doubt, tell you something entirely different. My bank accounts, though, said otherwise no matter who I was seeing at the time. White or Black.


Thanks for listening and God Bless.


More Terms:

Mattress- A reference meaning ‘woman’ or possibly the name for a prostitute.

Bed- Assumably, this is the group that a gang member belongs to after they marry or ‘bed’ someone within the organization in which they are initiated or being hazed.

Hit- What they ‘do’  in order to victimize someone. An event or series of events that aides in striking down or annialating a target.

The Doll- Whomever the woman is that is aiding and abetting my stalking program. It is assumable that she is to be really cute tis the name ‘doll’.

Wasp- Possibly government employees or civilian operatives leading major aspects of gang stalking. Over the years I have noticed that those that wore dark shades were ‘warped. They have even inferred that I looked like a wasp when I wore my Ralph Lauren shades. Not sure if their shades come with any add-ons.

Base- A place where gang stalkers group. Like a military base.

Jeep- A social status. Those who have money.

Voodoo- They pretend that the Targets is undergoing voodoo to explain why a target is hapful.

Klavern- This is a group affiliated with the KKK. (They do include a racial mix.)

Ray- Possibly a controller or handler of the mob that is stalking me.

The New- The new person or persons that are being hazed or initiated into the gang(s). Those being added to their ‘University’.


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