The God Divide-Targeted Individuals and the KKK (A TI Experience)

You would think that after so many years of activism. So many years of stopping the crime, racial division, discrimination, domestic abuse, false arrest, and other campaigns that we as A People would get it. With all of the blood, sweat, and tears that many of our most prominent activists have endured in order to create a fair society In The Eyes God…

Where did we go wrong?

Martin Luther King, Jr allowed freedom to ring…

Why are we worse off than we were before?

What the hell happened? What was it all for?

Last night was absolutely horrible. There was nowhere in the basement that I could go in order to escape the trauma weapons that are being violently used on my person. I eventually fell asleep after 3:00am this morning after being too weary to fight the pain any longer.

Yesterday, I began recording the torture at around 12:33am.

The events were as follows:

1. Light flashes to my face when I was attempting to sleep.

2. Constant laser burning to my skin as I was attempting to sleep. (They always seem to use this more around bedtime.

3. Needled and stabbed in my head over and over again throughout the day.

4. Needled in my head while visiting the dollar stores in the area.

5. The famous Magnetic Pull almost all day long while attempting to watch television. (It feels like something is tugging at your body.)

6. ‘Projectiled’ while trying to asleep. ( This feels like something is being slid beneath you. It’s almost something like a fork from a fork lift is being pushed beneath you or as if you are being fitted in some type of invisible box and this projection has the ability to move you around slightly. It feels something like a rocking motion. They did this to me so much last night that I thought I would be sea sick. I am not kidding. I use to go sailing when I was younger so it is a familiar feeling.)

They would not let me wander anywhere without forcing this invisible projectile beneath my body. At one point, I tried sleeping on the couch, then I tried the bathtub. I finally ended up on the floor and then the couch again before I said to hell with it all in order to go to sleep.

If you are wondering why they do this; it seems that it gives them a better aim when they laser the heck out of you. They want a good shot. In my case, it is my face and my, assumable, my hair. Somehow, the females of the group hate it that I don’t have to wear a wig. They say things about my hair all the time. “We can’t even embarrass your hair!” they say. Obviously, they are plentiful with weave and wigs. I have seen it with my own eyes. I even mentioned it in my poem called ‘Women’. Yes, I was definitely speaking about the women in the Klavern.

Check it out…


Ok. Now moving on to the rest of my gripe. What you read above was not the the reason why I had a horrible night, even though it was enough to tick anyone off. It was what they said that really stroked my goat, a to speak.

Here it goes…

“He shot you over a million times.” (I will assume that this is how many timwa I have been layered by the infamous ‘He’.

“They won’t worry me!” (This was around the time when my thoughts veered to contacting the FBI (even though most of us know that they also have a deep involvement). This was a Cacausion sounding woman’s response to my thoughts. This runs deep doesn’t it? I will tell you why in a moment.)

“We’re tearing our little America up!” (She also sounded Cacausion.)

“You are canceled.” (Well, at least now I know why. If they were speaking of the actual disease then I hope that they will be prepared for the bill.)

This morning…

“They don’t like your ability in busting us.” (She was definitely a Black woman.)

“Their all on you.” ( Be patient. I will tell you who.)

“They really ain’t gon’ change.” (She was also Black.)

“He’s surprised you ain’t die.” (This person sounded more like I a professional Cacausion man. His had good English. Yep, I am being attacked by everybody.)

Now for the real piss-you-the-hell-off-statement.

It sounded as if the statement came from a very trashy Cacausion women. But, she did sound as ghetto as many of their Black women can be so it was hard to tell.

“We don’t need no rich Black people!”

Yes, this comment really came from a woman’s mouth. It was hard to believe that she could even say that to me of all people. She wasn’t joking. Drunk or high, yes, but it definitely was not a funny.

You’d best believe that I was very angry at what she said. How does it sound when you are in a group surrounded by all types of people whether they are black, white, green, or yellow? You are saying to all of those Black people around you that they won’t ever have an equal opportunity. Who does that sound like to you?

Yep, you got it!

It’s the Ku Klux Klan!


And by looks of it, they aren’t joking, either.

(Photo found at the following site:

Many people don’t realize that the KKK had, in years past, given Black people memberships to their organization. Blacks were allowed to affiliate themselves with the KKK after the Civil because of the following reason.

408682084ee6ba09232d3737b60edbfe427c47a9 (Saved from the original site:

By the way, it is no longer a secret…

More Photos:


black kkk

They think it is a game not realizing that eventually their races will be on the verge of extinction. They will never have a equal opportunity, and their families will almost always be a part of the struggle. The quality of life for everyone will plummet. All accept those that have orchestrated the tyrrany unless we stop them. Never wonder why everywhere race has traitors. According to the KKK, it is for a good cause. Theirs.


Sadly enough, it’s not just Black people.

When the voices on the V2K system, this morning, mentioned that they were Klaverned, I knew immediately who they were. I did not have to guess any longer. klavern was the name to desrcribe the Black (or Others) version or offset of the KKK.

The meaning of Klavern alone explains exactly what many of us are dealing with.

Klavern- A local branch, organization, or unit of the Ku Klux Klan

This word explained it all when a Black female made the comment…

“They know we are Klaverned.”

Somehow, I knew it from the beginning of my targeting but now I am about 98 percent positive that the KKK is the reason why I am being so violently attacked.

Just for the simple fact that they mentioned that they did not ‘like my abilities’ or that my attacks began based on the fact that I ‘had potential’. It is enough to make anyone really pissed-the-hell-off.

And just to explain a bit further about the reason why the KKK are still at it even after all these years…

First read the following about what many normal people believe is said about discrimination and racial separation in the Bible.

“God does not show partiality or favoritism…”

Now, read the KKK translation…

“To help restore America to a White Christian nation, founded on God’s word.”

Yea, this is what they truly believe.

What do I think?

The only reason that God created any separation of any race or creed in the Bible was because he was removing those that loved God away from those that didn’t. Idolatry was the sin in which many were guilty. Simple as that.

idolatry- the worship of idols (a person or thing worshiped or adored); blind adoration or devotion

*The word ‘blind’ being the operative word. He does not want us to worship anyone before Him. It’s not that complicated.

It wasn’t because He was racist. You’ll find that there are many types of families in the Bible. If He were racist in any way, don’t you think that He would have left other families’ out of His word completely.

In my opinion, if He were discriminatory, there would have been one culture, one religion, one belief, etc. etc. etc.

If He had those types of prejudices, then why did He create such a variety of cultures and people? And why would He place us all on the same Planet without any barriers between any of us if He wanted to keep us all apart? Does it make any sense to you?

Of course not. It is man that lacks the sensibility to understand how live amongst their fellow man. Not God. Besides, God and I get along just fine. 😉

His work speaks for itself. There was no brick walls between any of us. Walls were not built until man built them.

Yeah, these are some real evil assholes.

Thanks for listening and God Bless.
























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