More Gang Stalker Quotes- The Never-ending Story

Stop Women Abuse

Outside of being stabbed to death and projectiles for moat of the day, the following are quotes from today only. Believe me, it isn’t as if I want them to talk me to death and I am sure there will be more by tomorrow. The night is still young.


“Ya’ll know how we misuse.” (Then STOP!)

“They said it desserts.” (or deserts, not sure which)

“You are not the daties.” (Dow it look lime I’m in tears?)

“You know we’ll outlaw.” (Ummm.)

“He knows it’s easy to do.” ( That’s more than obvious.)

“You’re in lose.” (Duh. It seems that they are getting away with murder. Or at least they think so anyway.)

“He doesn’t want you to deuce.” (How many ways can they say the same thing. And who is this ‘he’?)

You are in danger.” ( This is a wow. They know this and no one is doing anything about it. Really people?)

“Their on drugs!” (Hell, we know.)

“You’re on public display.” (Noooo. Seriously?)

” You know we will molest.” (Are we going to have to do citizen arrests? I know they hear these people.)



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