Zapped By The Doorbell

Sometimes I feel like screaming at these people. Danville is, by far, a tragedy waiting to happen. The city already sucked but now it sucks even more. As soon as the gang stalkers flooded the area, there hasn’t been a lot good things that have happened. And as a Targeted Individual, my targeting has been 100 times worse since I have been back.

I still believe in my heart that this is a KKK ran program.

Today, at 4:43pm, a neighbor of a relative stopped by his home while I was the only one at the house. And there were no cars in the driveway to indicate anyone was home either. That is one way that I know that the visit was especially for me.

I was, coincidentally, in the kitchen when he stopped by. When he rang the doorbell, I immediately felt the familiar burn of the radiation on my left cheek. It is the cheek that they have done the most damage. I don’t know why that is.

Believe me when I say that I was passed when I opened the door. Being radiated is painful. Obviously, someone thinks it’s funny.

He asked for one of my relatives that leaved there even though it was obvious that no one was home. I am sure he knew their vehicles seeing that he lived right across the street. My relatives aren’t new in the neighborhood. He eventually left but, yes, I was angry. When I opened the door, I unconsciously had a knife in my right hand. I thought about it after the fact and kind of giggled. Thank goodness the knife was not conscious maneuver but it was there, nonetheless, in case I needed it.

These people do any and everything. They stop at nothing.

After shutting the door, the gang stalkers began wailing, “He just wanted to make sure it’s you!” Can you believe it? Do they go around radiating everybody?  Or does the equipment only work on me?

You would think that they already know seeing that I have been getting fried since I have been here. I sometimes wonder what is the maximum distance that these weapons can zap a person.


And as for my left cheek, it always seemed that when I would get radiated; whether it was when they drove by me in their vehicles, or if someone was screaming my name, ringing a doorbell, banging on a wall, dropping something, or whatever the case may be, they would catch me on the left side of my face the most. I have welted enough to prove it.

When will the tyranny end?



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