Another Day, Another Sorrow As A T.I. (Quotes and More)


One thing that I really hate about being targeted is the way that they use the television to send messages. It is like two shows going on at one time. They may say things like, “Now their hit is a piece of pie.” All the while, letting you know that you are indeed a ‘hit’ for someone while the scheduled movie or show is still playing. It’s as if they want bragging rights.

You know, they always say that the most dangerous abusers are the ones that the victim knows. Their family, friends, etc. are more suspect than anyone. Whoever said this was 100% correct in their analysis. It seems that this is the core of my problem.

I have shared many names with everyone. All of them have victimized me in some way, shape, or form over a multiple year vendetta. It is even sadder that I am the one who never bothers these people but they have been brainwashed into bothering me, even years later.

For some selfish off the wall reason, they refuse to leave me alone. Year after year after tiresome year it has been the same thing over and over again as if what they do is brand new. It isn’t. I have been attacked by their weapons since 2012 but the actual stalking has gone on longer than that. It’s crazy but I may have been a target since I was a teenager and never knew it. It would explain many events that I have experienced over the years. I am now 39 years old. Wouldn’t you agree that it sounds obssessive to drag out a vendetta for that long? Someone really needs some medical help. Especially because it has come to my attention that the ones that have the issues with me can’t face me with them. They would rather pile tons of strangers on top of me and pretend that we have a problem when there isn’t one.

There is no justification for a crime that has now become so heinous. Harassment, obstruction of justice, attempted murder, robbery, kidnapping, illegal bugs, illegal surveillance, etc. etc. etc.


“Now I am addicted,” says a female while watching me behind closed doors. Would she still be addicted if her victims goes after her? Would they still be addicted if what they do to others happens to them? I swear they act as if they are bulletproof.

Here are more quotes by the infamous prison bait that they call gang stalkers. (While they are steadily needling the hell out of my head, I must add.)

“You’re not in our adore.”

“They got to delay.”

“You got disk.”

“You’re a Cullen.” (Can anyone tell me what that even means?)

“You really knowledge them down.”

“What you get ain’t fun.”

“Endow know you ain’t gotta bug.”

“You really gotta a lotta gawks.”

“You would know nothing.”

“You’re endangered.” (Well, I guess that part of the story is that they are trying to get rid of good, hardworking people. Or does this mean something else?)

“They know they ain’t in the lugs.”

“They get so anxious.”

“You ain’t made.” (I will assume that this meant that I am not famous since they are so caught up in the world of celebritism. Some TIs may not be Hollywood famous but they are definitely famous in the BLACK operations. They won’t leave us alone.)

“They putting you through a never-ending cycle.”

“We want revenge,” a female says. (Do I know you?)

“We can’t resist.” (I can tell.)

“He knows why I need this.”

“They know that you ain’t in no bed.” (I will assume that this means that I don’t have a man. Rest assured, if these people are all that are left, who needs one? We can do bad on our own.)

“Now they pooled.”

And the ghetto child says, “And we indict you.” ( Who would allow people that are obviously not qualified to indict…? You get my drift.)

Ok. Since that is out of the way. A summary of my day so far…

Since 3:32pm, I have experienced the needling to my head well over twelve times. It is now 7:15pm. They are currently stabbing me on the right aide of my right breast which is the first time that it has happens all day.

And for other news 🙂

They insist on mentioning an old friend’s name whom I went to high school with. They are so nosy. The guy’s name was Damyon. We spent tenth grade together as friends. We also ran track together which might explain Ahmad’s involvement, as well. We all ran track together. Anyway, Damyon had always wanted a deeper relationship but I was happy with just being friends. It never went any deeper than that.

Damyon, not Damon (an ex from college) eventually moved to California with his family. His father was a singing artists so after 10th grade, they left. We spent our last day together on the steps of, what use to be, Woodrow Wilson Elementary School in Danville. The topic of discussion was mainly about why I could never be his girlfriend. It was very touching.

In my defense, I think that many women can relate when it comes to a friend that you would rather just keep as a friend. Somehow, we become afraid that if we were to deepen the relationship then something would tragically go wrong. He was that type of friend for me. Cute and sweet.

Remember the old saying, if it ain’t broke then don’t fix it, right? At least that is how I felt about it, anyway. He was very sweet and I just did not want to ruin anything.

We kept in touch for a few years after high school when he tracked me down. He could find me anywhere.

In the mid 90s, he invited me to be a guest with him on the talk show, Tempsett in New York City. He was a Talent Agent in Hollywood at the time. We were in touch a few times after the show and then we weren’t. End of Story. I assumed that he married.

What Damyon has to do with this, I have no idea but it seems that these people have managed to collect everyone that I once knew in order to form an enemy line.

Why they found the need to do this, I have no idea. It seems to me that I was the only one who was more than willing to go about my merry way. What these gang members fake beef was or is has no relevance to the crimes that are being committed in order to avenge their selfishness. Nothing is ever that deep and nor was it their business to interfere. As a matter of fact, the stalkers’ that made the most noise about Damyon could not pronounce his name correctly. What does that tell ya?

Hopefully, one day all of this will be resolved and we can all go back to the real world.

Thanks for listening. God Bless.













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