More Bullyville Quotes- A TI Experience


Danville, Va. on Bloody Monday, June 10, 1963

(Even going through all of that, Danville citizens have gotten worse, not better. They are still slaves to a Confederate State.)


Here is the latest perps comments… (It even sounds ignorant.)

“He really wanted people to hate you.”

“You ain’t in walk.”

“You know its in walk.”

“They trying to put you in dunce.”

“They got Felipe.” (Who?)

“We not gon’ stop.”

“We ain’t gon’ collapse in the deal.”

“You ain’t addictive.”

“You gained evict in.”

(And who is Dwight, by the way?)

“You would never get up.”

“I wish someone had told me you were in lucky.”

“Dome’s busy watching TV.”

“We ain’t got no bust.”

“You ain’t getting no cheesecake!”

“You were bashed.”

“They didn’t know you were DOD.” (Hell. I didn’t know that, either. But I guess that I can assume whose doing the chasing.)

“They see you ain’t being springed.”

“It was my wife’s redeem.”

“They already say you’re being bamboozled.”

“He wants the men to summer.”

“I really need you in Dutch.” (I am still thrown by the fact that they still think that they can tell me what to do as if we have some type of abiding relationship. They are officially kooky.)

“They ignite they want you to leave.” (Pay me back everything you stole plus pain and suffering and I would be happy to leave. From what I hear, the cost of targeting one person ranges from 5 million to 10 million a year. I’ll let them do the math.)

Yesterday, I had a run-in with Ahmad. His name was one of the perps names mentioned during the beginning stages of my targeting. If he was, indeed, the same one that they were referring to, we went to high school together. He acted pretty flustered when he spoke to me. Not surprising if a guilty conscience had anything to do with it. When I arrived back to the house, the perps using the V2K tech rambled on…

“He was the one who worked the mob.”

“You see who dizzied a hang-up.”

“He said you looked frumpy.” (Well, that would mean that they would have a job well done. Can they all just leave me alone now? Or are real-time soap operas too much to let go?)


Lord? Why me?







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