CIA Fact or Fiction? STD’s being passed out in Syringes?


The depth of a Targeted Individual’s experience is appalling. It is amazing, even to me, that we have survived so much. My own story gets deeper and deeper by the moment.

As many of you already know, my clingy goons in the local area love to talk. It is a 24 hour a day adventure.

Just recently, I may have discovered that my targeting has been going on longer than I originally assumed. It is possible that I have been targeted prior to reaching high school. Now they are saying things like “They want you to leave.” Hmmm…I wonder why?

Anyway, as to latest conversation…

They wanted me to be, what they called a ‘Walking STD’. It was said that I was on some sort of STD list. Who does that! My legs may remain closed until death I do part.

They also mentioned that ‘THEY’ carried STD’s in a syringe. Intentionally! And to add to the saga, those that did this to many innocent people were working for the CIA. Fact or Fiction?

I guess many TI’s may not be too far from the truth after all, huh? These bastards are strange!

And with this said, they would also have me believe that the CIA has possibly injected STD’s into innocent people by using operatives posing as… lovers? Honestly, it doesn’t surprise me one bit. Doesn’t this sound like the situation that happened in Guatemala where they injected syphillis into their victims illegally? If this is the case, I may very well be a victim too. How sick is our government! Who has the inside scoop on this?

Anyway, as if the above is not unfortunate enough, the Bullyville goons have also said the following…

“It was my wife’s redeem.”

Now, from what I have gathered from this…

They may possibly maintain long-term relationships only with those within their own network or organization. Not to exclude those who may not have been a part of the network but were invited. And once they do, their significant others are at liberty to attack whomever they are intimidated by or just don’t like as far as their exes are concerned.

Even going as far as destroying their newfound enemy’s family. But, they don’t just stop there. They will even break up your relationship, whether you’re married or not, by using STD’s, sex, money, intimidation, etc. Whomever they set their sights on has no other options outside of being with that network member. (It does add a new meaning to the old saying, ‘we were made for each other’ doesn’t it?) Tag you’re it!

They are the Alpha’s and the Gamma’s. Making people believe that they would be nothing without them.

I know that I may have missed a few details but how close am I anyway? Inquiring minds want to know.



(We may all need to read this book. They should know.)


Now, the fun just doesn’t stop here. Below, I have created a mock conversation of what should have happened and never did. It is a conversation between the assumable CIA perps and myself in discussion about my targeting prior to actually being targeted.


CIA: Yes, Tiffany. You will go through many trials throughout your life based on the unique program that we have created for you.

Me: Um. Program? What program?

CIA: Well, it is a program where you will be followed and suveillanced for long periods of time. You will suffer a series of sexually transmitted diseases. You will also be used on a regular basis for whatever it is that our operatives may need, whether it be money, sex, green card, etc. If you have children, we will eventually take them away too. You will be robbed of a your family, home, and any material goods. Not to exclude your finances.

Me: Oh… my… God! You can’t be serious!

CIA (grinning wickedly): Wait. I am not yet done. You won’t have to remember any of this but you will also become blacklisted. Eventually, you will experience scalpels, radiation, electrotasers, lasers, stabbing, needles and… Oh, yeah…V2K, as well.

Me (with a look of appall): Um. What is V2K?

CIA (chuckling): That means that you will get a venereal disease two-thousand times before it’s officially over.

Me (gasping, horrified): You’ve got to be kidding me, right?

CIA (attempting to maintain a straight face): I don’t kid.

(At this moment I am officially horrified.)

Me (Barely breathing): B,but…

CIA( finally, laughing loudly): Don’t worry! Yes. Just playing around. I do apologize but you should have seen your face!

(I can finally breathe.)

CIA: Anyway… V2K is really no big deal, really. We only want to make you look schizophrenic.

(Confused and needing to figure out which is worse.)

CIA: You see… we can’t do all of those things to you and have people actually believe that it is really happening, right?

(He is really messing my head up now. I lean it to the side and stare.)

CIA (whispering behind his hand): Because it’s illegal… You know that!

Me (Now I get it.): Ohhh!

CIA (Now very satisfied that he really has a job well done.): Any questions?

Me: Ummm…yes. How long will this program lasts?

CIA: For the rest of your life.

Me: And… will I be compensated for the danger?

CIA (Not at all perturbed): Sure.

Me: When?

CIA: When you die.

Me: Damn.

CIA (leaning back smug in his chair): Anything else?

Me: Uh… And what if I decline?

CIA (chuckling again): We’ll do it anyway.

Me: Oh.

The End


Now that I am really thinking about all of this, maybe it is a good thing that we never actually had this conversation.


More terms:

















*Many of these terms are self-explanatory.
















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