These have been very trying years for me as a Targeted Individual. It has been, literally, one thing after another and from what I have gathered; my life has been planned this way for no reason whatsoever.

From the digs into my personal affairs to the theft of my once lovely life, it has definitely lead me to question my faith in people.

As of late, I have listened to my perpetrators go on and on about my personal affairs. Even to the point of naming the people that I have known in the past. The name for today is Damon.

Why not spill the beans seeing that they are forever in my business  and are communicating with my past associations anyway? Honestly, I have nothing to hide so why not? There are two sides to every story but, unfortunately, they are only hearing one.

Now, just to be clear,this blog entry will be written only under the assumption that this ‘Damon’ is, indeed, a past relationship and not a total stranger. They say his name so much that I feel assured that I know who he is.

Just to put it simply, yes, I had a sexual relationship with a man by the name of Damon. I will omit his last name for now.

Damon and I met at a party in Georgia at a party that I attended with my roommates. At the time, I attended Bauder College in Buckhead, Atlanta, Ga. Damon was a football player at West Georgia University. We hit it off quite fantastically actually. He was a cool guy and my roommates loved him.

I remember all the times he use to drive from his apartment in Carrollton to my dormitory Buckhead and back to his apartment for some ‘thrashing’ time. I think you get my drift.

Anyway, that is all that we were to one another. Even though I did still consider him a friend. I can recall sitting in his car on the way to Carrollton and I told him that I was accepting applications for a sex partner and inquired on whether he would like to apply. Believe me when I say that that particular application was sealed and very well delivered.

We really had a lot of fun together but, as most good things go, it came to an end.

I guess everyone knows what happens when you get very comfortable with a person sexually. You loose control and insight on what is most important. Protection.

He called me one day at my dormitory. He told me that it was I that had given him an STD. Whether it was him or whether it was me that caused the issue, I have no idea. He claimed that he wasn’t sleeping with anyone else but how would I really know when he lived so far away and, sorry, not to stereotype any one group but he was a football player. I am sure the women threw themselves at him at every given moment.  Still, I took the blame not really knowing whose fault it was. Wasn’t that enough? We even parties on good terms or did we?

As to my story, I, on the other hand, was attending a private college. It was the early nineties and I had five female roommates. Most of them were definitely party girls. Beautiful women just having fun.

And, even though I did not do so well in college, I honestly had a ball in Buckhead.  I will never deny it. Young, dumb, and undeniably crazy for a party. I’ll also admit that I met quite a few famous people while I was there. It was fun, fun, fun.

I do regret not going further in school back then when it was easier to do. 

Anyway, in closing, I spoke to Damon again just a few years ago. I found him on social media, he emailed his phone number, I emailed mine, and we spoke shortly after. I thought that everything was OK between us but if he does have any involvement in the reason why I am being targeted, then I guess that everything really isn’t OK. But why, after so many years?






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