More Lingo and Quotes Within The Crime Syndication called ‘Gang Stalking’


Last night was a rough night for me. For moat of the early morn, I was attempting to dodge the wrath of their lasers. A little after two am. this morning, I ended up sleeping on the bathroom floor because I could not escape the torture any other way. I did notice that it was harder for them to use their projectiles in the bathroom, than any other room downstairs.

Anyway, listed below are more quotes from my torturers that I managed to copy since the February 6, 2016. I wish I were making this up, then it would be less real but, unfortunately, this is as real as gang stalking gets.


“You ain’t get no hope.”

“You know you late.”

“Endow ain’t got ridicule.”

“This ain’t gone be fun.”

“We’re thinking ’bout splitting your skull open!”

“They didn’t want you to leave the hustle.”

“You ain’t no rivals.”

“You ain’t got my rivals.”

“You ain’t get deal.”

“They were using your name on everything.”

“They fraud Social Security!” (No wonder I was going to be making just over two hundred dollars a month after retirement even though I have been working since I was sixteen.)

“They hate it that it’s on display.”

“We know who ain’t got no husband.”

“They need to know why you do.”

“Dough being simmered.”

“You sewed that we said not need tactics.”

A male voice says,”He is committed…” and then a female voice says,”…to destroy you.” (Why can’t this ‘He’ just get a life?)

Another female screams,”He ain’t gon change!”

“He wants to see you pay up.” (Now this sounds like they may have been talking about my ex-husband, Mustapha. How is it that he and his new ‘family’ worked a hard so that I wouldn’t have money and then expect me to just ‘pay up’? If anything, they should be paying me for all of this reckless endangerment to myself and my children in which he so haphazardly kidnapped.)

“The techs nice,” a male voice says near my ear and then I was once again stunned by their weapon.

“Now they hating new notebook.” (Yes. I am writing all of this down.)

“They know we got a gadget.”

“That nigga hurt it. The hit is you.”

“They want to take your youth.” (Talk about haterism on display.)

“That nigga in a trance!”

“You nowed we’re in fury.”

“We’re really thinking about splitting your skull open.”

“It’s all the way fury.”

“He’s under reckless endangerment!”

“You would absolutely scandal.”

“They gon get lethal injection!”

“Dough knows it takes guts.”

“You all the way debt!”

“You going through all this bullsh!t for nothing!”

“You know we’ll mess that too.” ( At the time of this comment, I was co sidering submitting some poetry for contest consideration. I don’t doubt it.)


New terms (or not so new)

Hilty (or Hilt), Huxtables, Joe, Bloke -I will assume that these are nouns for people who represent parts of their ladder system. They possibly dictate their status or wealth.

Hummered, Cheesecake- I will assume that these are adjectives representing someone’s status within their organization.

battery- This is what happens to victims of gang stalking. The word represents the abuse given to TI’s.

chants- I am thinking that this is what they do when the meet. Something like what the Masonry does at their meetings.

Hall- A meeting spot?












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2 responses to “More Lingo and Quotes Within The Crime Syndication called ‘Gang Stalking’

  • prettyeyez

    i am a victim currently of gang stalking. i have had every bit of my life takn from i am alone going thru this.i have no idea how to help myself??i am in rapid city ,sd. i am now staying at the mission. i lost everything due to this. i dont kow how to ask for help.or who to turn to???..anyone who ares that reads this..please help me. i dpnt have any other way.

    • mstmha

      I am in the same dilemma. My entire life has been turned upside down. We can’t even turn to law enforcement because they are also involved.

      I will pray for you and your family. Hopefully one day soon, we will all be free from these tortures.

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