“You Know Who We Bastard!” ( More Gang Stalker Quotes and Terminology)


Last night I was ,unfortunately, heavily. Especially, to my back. It usually comes from one direction in the room that I sleep in. At least, that is my most recent experience. In the background, I could hear the voices of my perpetrators and I found that there were some that were new. Usually, it is the same ones almost all the time. Their were two women with accents. Possibly Caucasian who may have been recently added to the group. One of them was actually asking someone if they had a phone. This is a perfect example of their professionalism. Even when it’s lights, camera, action. At least for them anyway.

The following are more examples of what these criminals enjoy while they are all miked up. I can hear them from every angle no matter where I go.


“You didn’t beep.”

“You lose.”

“You ain’t got no money.” (Oh yeah, thanks for stealing it all. What the heck my money ever had to do with them, I have no idea.)

“Ya’ll already in danger.”

“You know who we bastard.”

“They know the way you ain’t having no luck.” (Yes. The ghetto fabulous speaks!)

“We hit you from all angles.”

“You ain’t got to go along.”

“He was going to send another Jug.”

“There were so many ways you got jocked.”

“That’s the way you were imprisoned.”

“You will never jeep.”

Another male is presently going crazy as I wrote the last at 7:22pm. He’s screaming, “Yeah, you’ll never jeep!”

“They say you ain’t alive.”

They mentioned the last name Jones. As I was writing the name down, a female screams,”You know that’s my boy!” and “He knew you been had!”

The only person that I knew in past years with that last name was a member of the Danville City Council. I recall doing a contract for a purchase when working at a furniture store. It could be anyone but it isn’t much of a coincidence to me that he was present while I was being work mobbed at that particular employer. It would be worth investigating since he works for the public. I also went to high school with a Jones who played basketball but I haven’t seen him, possibly, since high school.

Now I will continue…

“They know that we are about to get even more criminal!”

“You ain’t got no new mud!”

“We ain’t looking for nothing but devils.” (Did anyone know that the world harbored so many? We are surrounded!)

“These negros are psychopaths!” (Why they continue to tell on themselves is beyond even me. I will guess that it is their sociopathic confidence that gives them comfort. Especially when they feel that no one will so anything about what they do.)

“That’s why you will never get beau’s.” (Or bold. Not sure which.)

“They think they are getting TV’d!”

“Everybody knows you ain’t got no money! (First off, I never denied that. Second, please let them know that I really don’t appreciate how they stole what I did have.)

“We told them no more partial payments for you.” ( They could only be speaking of my storage unit in which they are probably trying to steal the contents. They had already stole my brand new lawnmower. Even the police officer said that he had never seen anything like it.)

“You that advanced.”

“We’re not carefulled!

A deep male voice says, “I just got in this morning.” (More Jugs?)

“You made a ladder.”

“That will ladder TV!”

“You gon’ f@$king get embarrassed! ( or embarrassment)

“They did not know we had weapons of this magnitude.”

“They were trying to Doug Michael!” (I will assume that they were speaking of Big Mike, a barber. Not really sure but I can just about guess. One thing that I know about my targeting is that many of the men that are involved are men whom I may have had a sexual relationship with. I can’t catch a break.)

“Steven was already Doug’ed.”

“You are in lethal hands.”

“You got to die.”

“You even know we ain’t valid.” ( Or they slow or what? What…you…do…buttholes…is…ILLEGAL!)

“We were gaining a third party.”


All righty then…

The following words are more terms used by my vast collection of gang stalkers who never, even after so many years’, chooses never to leave me alone. By the way, while I am writing this, I am being stabbed in the head. It is 8:01pm.

As always, the terms below are only based on my personal experience. It is possible that they could mean something entirely different. If you have any further information or clarification, please share it with us.


Mall- The public, assumably, is their Mall where they can ‘shop’ or ‘steal’ to their hearts desire whether it is a person, place, or thing.

shop-This is what gang stalkers do. They are constantly ‘shopping’ in almost every community. Whatever we have that they want, they use their network in order to it. (Met any homewreckers lately?) No wonder they are sitting around watching everyone.

leap- The opposite of de-leap

de-leap- I think this is when they degrade and/ or demote a target to the point where they are no longer successful

box- this is what they call it when a victim is trapped or boxed in by gang stalkers

beep- I have no clue what this means but they seem to use it often

chopped- See the word ‘rip’

rip- This is what gang stalkers do to victims lives and bodies. A victim’s life is ripped. A victim’s body is ripped during what they call ‘scalpels’ that occur only when their technology is used. I call it ‘virtual surgeries’.

dunk- Also a description for something good that has happened. I always thought that this pertained to basketball. It could pertain to other people with money as well.

It is used like..? “You got dunked!” meaning you picked up a moneybag.

FBIA- Definitely a fake official organization or is it? It could be the name for an Underground or Black agency that gang member recruits work for.

I did, however, find a site that is relative to an agency called F.B.I.A which is better known as the Federal Bug Intelligence Agency. It is a bug bounty program. Read more about it at the following link. Not sure if it has any relevance since it is designed to do the right thing towards bugs found on the internet. It doesn’t seem relevant to bugs that have been illegally placed inside our bodies.


dock- Definitely not sure about this one. This may be the term for being off base.

deck- Not really sure. I will assume that this describes their base such as a military base.

Jug- A member of the military

vestibules- A noun that describes their victims. Victims are the door to whatever it is that they are seeking. Ex: If a Jill wants sets her sights on a ballplayer and the victim happens to know one, then the victim becomes a vestibule. It pertains to money, status quo, etc. Just a wild guess.

sheet- An adjective for ‘death’

sheep- No idea. Is it possible that this term is either a description of what gang stalkers do such as being sheepish or is it a noun similar to the words handler or controller? Does anyone know?

zero- No support, vows, or beaus I will have to guess

mugged- Self-Explanatory; robbed

buoy- I have no idea. I can only assume that this is also something good.

sleep- A person or group that is not paying attention or has no idea what is going on.

ghost/phantom-I will assume that this is the handlers or controllers that victims cannot see.

mud- Similar to the saying, “You’re in the doghouse.”


















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