Ron Gillman, T.I. Found Dead

As you read the following account in regards to the unfortunate death of Targeted Individual, Ron Gillman, is it me, or does something not add up? Is his death real or fake?
A Message From Curtis Kimble in Regards to the Death of Yet Another Targeted Individual

Hello all and I regret to contact you all regarding such a sad issue,

Ron Gillman died Friday night in Ocean Shores at the house he was renting a room. Ron had recently moved away from Seattle to Ocean Shores to get away from the heavy targeting he was subjected to 24-7. He was in good spirits as he felt peace in Ocean Shores and was planning on his long time girlfriend to eventually move down there with him as well. She had come down for the weekend and on Friday night after going out to dinner they returned home. His girlfriend went to bed and Ron said he would join her after taking a shower. The next thing she remembers is being woken up early in the morning by the owner of the house stating he had found Ron dead. The police were called, they ruled there was no foul play involved and the body was sent directly to the funeral home in nearby Aberdeen at which time a urine analysis was directed to be performed.

Tarek Moses and I drove from Seattle to Ocean Shores and together we talked to his girlfriend, the owner of the house and his wife, the police officer who was first on the scene, a close friend who was in constant contact with him who lived a half mile away and both his daughters who were there tying up all the loose ends. Tarek and I helped his daughters clear out the rented room and sort through the belongings as needed for his family. We also consoled his girlfriend, a close, close friend from high school and eventually drove her back home in her car back to Seattle.Ron was a fearless leader among the TI community. He has been on Coast to Coast radio show, All Day Live – a community access free speech forum which he has appeared over thirty times, he was featured in an up and coming documentary that was going to be on (I believe) The History Channel which was silenced before it aired, he has talked to hundreds of TI’s, talked several out of suicide – including myself and enlightened an unknown mass of people to the fact of human targeting. He was a magnanimous person who was a joy to be around and will be severely missed.

Thank you for your time,
Curtis Kimble


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