The following is true and correct to the beat of my knowledge. I can talk for everyone but I do I have to admit that I am exhausted. With all of the day and nightly radiation, electrocution, being needled and stabbed, yapping, and other stalking methods, this has been the most traumatic experience that I have ever had. It has been one thing after another but what they do doesn’t change. Anyway…

New Gang Stalker Quotes

“You know they need you not alive.”

“He know why we wank.”

“We waiting on a new episode.”

“He see you ain’t get dunk.”

“They deep in France.”

“You got all our credentials.”

“We caused all this violence.”

“Ya’ll have too many quantum pulls.”

(First off, they know this to be true but they are still doing it. Secondly, the name ‘Quantum pull’ was named by me and their using it. They are obviously paying a whole lot of attention to me. I describe this particular torture tactic as a quantum pull because it feels almost like your being pulled around by an invisible force. Sometimes they will tug at different points of your body and, in others, your entire body. I use the word Quantum because this particular torture reminds of Quantum leap when people are being pulled into an magnetic field except in a quantum pull, you never actually go anywhere.)

“You know you being used.”

“You know the way we want to use you.”

“You have no beau.” ( Duh. These hoochies are real rocket scientists.)

“They dicked your credentials.”

“We are all out honing.”

“You know how we will frustrate.” (No… Really?)

“We are in embezzlement.”

“Thank God they watching you.” (That is one thing that we all can agree on. At least somebody knows. But since when did they actually start believing in God? And it doesn’t look to me as if they are asking themselves What Would Jesus Do.)

“You loosing tendons!” (Obviously they know more about my body than I do since they all in it.)

“They all woke up the FBI!” (Since when was the FBI sleeping?)

“You know we’re abusing.”

“You look guilty!”

“You it?

“They know why we don’t give a f@ck.”

“He wont you all crisp.”

“They really solved your determination.”

“Ya’ll ain’t going to theaters.”

“You already know you are being constantly monitored.”


More gang stalker terms brought to you buy the yap club ( These definitions are assumptions based only on personal experience.)

Wop- I can only assume that this means something good.

Mop- This is similar to the word guillotine listed below.

guillotine- This is pretty self explanatory. It describes how they ‘kill’ a person’s personality and livelihood.

cropped off- I really have no idea what this means but I will guess that it has something to so with a person’s celebrity status.

Jill- The chosen females within their gangs. They seemed to talk quite a lot and are very aggressively manly yet they attempt a sweet demeanor. At least that is the personality of many of them that I have come across. They really do have very sociopathic behavior and delusions of grandeur.


Now, as a final note, I would like to share my experience tonight while at Food Lion in Danville, Va.

I did attempt to hurry as I walk around the grocery store tonight because I just knew that the ‘Bullyville Cult’ was going to start their redundant skits as soon as I entered the building. I was right once again.

As I was walking down the aisles, the cult members began their world famous finger pointing. It happened more than once and as I was turning a corner, I was radiated for the millionth time. Honestly, I think I hate it more that they are constantly smiling in your face as they do the evil. I remember standing in the checkout line and a guy that I had only met briefly prior turned and smiled at me. My smile was probably as fake as his.

While standing in front of the cashier, I noticed that she briefly touched her nose. Some of you may not know what this means but I already k we that it is a gang sign. I became very well acquainted with the gesture when I last worked for Schewel’s Furniture during mid targeting. The gang members flooded the place and signs were definitely in abundance.

So, what did I do? Well, I simply touched my own nose and then very nicely put up my middle finger for those that were haunting me (behind closed doors) could see.  It was a simple ‘screw you’ gesture. Touching my nose signified who I was referring to when I put up my middle finger.

These bastards are always watching whether we can see them or not so I sometimes make it interesting. No, don’t worry I have never been and never intend to be a gang member. I could never be that insecure.

Thanks for listening. God Bless.









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