New Gang Stalker Quotes and Terminology


This is a collection of new quotes that I have documented since Jan. 27th, 2016. They are not a complete collection of what is being shouted by the ‘cast’ of what I like to call Bullyville but you will get the idea of some of the things that are actually being said by my gang stalkers.


And before you read any further, I would like to say (as if I haven’t said it already), I have never been a member of any gang (Bloods, Crips, M13, M16, etc.), cults, mobs, or any other organized crime organizations whether government or otherwise. The following information is based on real-life events as I am, also, a Targeted Individual.

Gang Stalker Quotes (Told to the best of my knowledge)

“He say you will be in abuse.”

“They didn’t want to see you get lucky.”

” They said you got disked.”

“He see that they can’t get ease.”

“You don’t have enough lumps.”

“They think she is innocent.”

“They said you got to bow.”

“He’s seeking another location.”

“They already want you nosy.”

“She needs you aloof.”

“They want you to see you suck.”

“They see you are in too many bugs.”

“You do need an invitation.”

“We are in a merger.”

“We can’t even embarrass your hair!”

“We really were going to put you in jail.”

“We really made the wrong deal.”

“They tape while you reference.”

“They see you wus.”

“You won’t dough in nothing.”

“There is bribery!”

“You see that it is constant play.”

“You don’t want no audience.”

“It doesn’t mean you tough.”

“You see he keeps being a parasite.”

“He think you ain’t no ‘steem.”

“They see you are in danger.”

“You ain’t runt.”

“We were trying to oust your career.”

“You are in danger.”

“We were about to do something drastic.”

“You weren’t allowed to deem.”

“You were really developmental.”

“We can do whatever we want.”

“We mound vicious.”

“Ganks say you should already be in a casket.”

“He needs you ‘lessed’.”

“They wanted to duck that you were abused.”


More terms that these gang stalkers use:

gob- I am going to assume that this either is another word for mob or it is the accumulation of assaults on a target’s daily life.

gout- This may be the medical term of what they do to the heads of their targets when they laser and install transmitters in order to read their thoughts.

bopped- I really couldn’t say why they use this word. I do recall that they use to use it a lot while I was working at Macy’s. If I were to guess, it may be a surveillance term. A way of baiting a target to areas where they have set up a plan for an attack or more surveillance.

bat- This may possibly mean that when you got bat, it is your turn to respond or act to something. Honestly, this is a guess.

de-seep- This is what they try to do meaning the prevention of leaking information

seep- This is when information is leaked.

deem- It reflects a person’s status quo, assumably. I guess it is a good thing if a person is “deemed” in their world.

Crips, Bloods- (The gangs) They will say something to the extent of, “You ain’t a Blood.” Can we assume that they are?

disked-It is possible that this means that they are recording what a target is thinking, therefore, they are disked.

cast- The people that are hired within gangs or other organized crime who act as actors and actresses in organized, as well as, synchronized street theater used to target and torture their victims.

D or De- They begin many words with this sound. Not sure why.

duck- It means that they are attempting to stay out of view or prosecution

*The above terms were defined only due to my personal experience and assumption based on many scenarios.

Thanks for listening, God Bless.








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