The Latest Message From The Bullyville Cult



“They would love to see you fold,” a woman screams.

Now, why would they find the need to say this? If they aren’t doing anything wrong, then why would ‘folding’ become necessary?

Fold meaning that they would have an excuse to continue to battery the heck out me and no one will know anything?

“He needs you decrepit,” another continues.

Ok. I hear what they are saying but why is even that necessary?

In closing, here is the story of my life in a nutshell.

A bunch of ‘decrepit’ men with ‘decrepit’ minds that can never get over the fact that they are truly lacking. And I am the one that has to continue to deal with them. Married or not. And to think that they are breeding women that are just as ‘decrepit’ as they are. Sad but true.



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