More Assault Testimony-A TI Story



Of course, I have been targeted by these perpetrators for most of the day but began recording at 1:40pm this afternoon. As I am writing this, they have not stopped their assault.

There is one thing, however, that I would like to mention before I get started.

The word ‘stabbed’ means that I am being stabbed by a blunt object. If I mention that I am being ‘needled’ it means that I am being stabbed with a something that has a sharp point, like a needle. The quotes are really not in any order but they were all spoken by perps.


1-26-16 My Day

1:40pm Stabbed on the left side of my head

1:48pm Stabbed on the left side of my head

1:49pm They are still stabbing since 1:48pm

1:50pm Tiny stabs on the back-right of my head

A female says, “You know how we lurked.”,

2:42pm Constant stabbing on the left side of my body

Perpetrator comments:

“The dogs want you to leave.”

“You are being deeply abused.”

“Ya’ll deepened a knot.”

“That sewed we already build.”


At around 6:30pm A family member yells my name and I am radiated.

6:39pm Stabbed in the back of my head

I have also been experiencing a constant pressure to head as well. It feels like my brain is being squeezed.

6:46pm Stabbed in the top of my head

“They wanted to choke you off.”

6:53pm Needled on the top of my head and then again towards the back

6:56pm Needled on the top of my head

“You know he thanks that you are not happy.”

7:13pm Stabbed at the top of my head

“They got your head full of transmitters.”

7:15pm Stabbed at the top of my head

“We got to pest.”

7:31pm They do this thing that feels like you are being tugged around. I call it the quantum pull.

“They say they ain’t at ease.”

“Weed made too much drama.” (They call themselves the Weed. It suits.)

8:00pm The quantum pull again

8:01pm Stabbed again on the head near the right. They also added that familiar pressure.

8:01pm Stabbed on the head on the right

8:10pm Stabbed on the top right of my head

8:13pm Stabbed again on the right-side of my head

A male says, “We didn’t want you to know…” and a female finishes, “…it is amusing.”

8:16pm Stabbed again on my head near the right.

“Yeah, your being abused.”

“They nowed your being used.”

“Hits been recording you.”

“We really made too much drama.”

“We did more than you deserved.”

“You sewed we got problems.”

“They ain’t stories.”

8:47pm Needled on my right breast.

8:57pm “They been bailed to jail.”

Something starts to pulse at the top of my head.

“You’re already scarce.”

“We got to record all the video.”

“The way you named, it out Robert.”

9:09pm Needled on the top of my head.

9:29pm Needled on the right side of my head

“You know its scandaled.”

“You know this leads to a lot of violence.”

“It is robbery!”

“There going to imprison me!” (This was a whining girl.)

“You going through a lot of violence.”

“You ain’t in no brethren.”

“You ain’t being cultful.”

“This can result in serious injury.”

9:41pm The quantum pull again

9:58pm Needled in the head again

10:04pm Stabbed on the right side of my head

10:09pm Needled on the right of my head

10:38pm Stabbed on the right side of my head

Then there is the quantum pull again

10:52pm Added more pressure to my head and they still haven’t stopped. It is now 11:32pm.

Damages to my skin after so much radiation, stabbing, and pressure to my head are as follows. (And to think that I use to have gorgeous skin no more than a year ago. My targeting is more frequent and violent since I have been back to Danville.) I hope that they got the results that they were looking for. The name Kelly was mentioned again as well.





I never ever had a skin problem before. Now, it is all that I have. The radiation and the stabbing have caused major discoloration, welted skin, and tiny raised bumps. They will start caring about what happens to us when it begins to happen to them.


Thanks for listening. God Bless.





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