Lies as tools of social control and oppression (Conspiracy of Lies)

The truth will set us all free!

Citizens, not serfs

Over the years many great themes and stories have been made into films, and then re-made for modern audiences.  Consider the number of films made about the Titanic.  The re-makes of The Manchurian Candidate, War of the Worlds, and so on, but one seminal film which gave a word to our language has never been re-made, and that is Gaslighting.

The theme of the story is lies, and how a liar contrived to carry out his crimes while concealing them with lies directed at his victim designed to make her look insane, so as to enable him to separate her from her inheritance.  The film even hints at complicity in murder.  This storyline is so classical,  reflecting a perennial criminal pattern of betrayal of women by men, women by their relatives, women’s disinheritance and murder, and scapegoating by society, it is extraordinary that there has only been one notable story…

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2 responses to “Lies as tools of social control and oppression (Conspiracy of Lies)

  • conartistocracy

    Thanks you for the re-blog. Sorry to hear what is happening to you. I think we all need more information about these modern technologies and any information on how to protect ourselves from them.
    My problems are less severe. Last year I started to get tinnitus, never having had it before. It is very distracting. It only happens in my room, not anywhere else. Moving around lessens it. Seems less strong in the bathroom. Since I cut my hair back I notice I have raised bumps beside the hairline. Otherwise my skin is flawless. I am trying to understand about these technologies, but I am not tech minded. And I guess if the authorities want to use these methods for spying and harassing they would not want the counters to them to become known. And I remember the lassie in Australia who committed suicide due to tinnitus apparantly caused by the installation of smart meters in her building. Take care, love, and keep telling what is happening.

  • mstmha

    Thank you! for sharing the truth and I really appreciate your consideration. I will definitely keep you in my prayers. It is just amazing that all of this is still going on even after so many people are so heavily informed. It is apparent that there is a meaning to all the madness. But, honestly, this is all too unfortunate no matter the reason.

    Continue to be a blessing for us all. Thanks so much.

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