The ‘Other’ Terms of Gang Stalking (Street Theater Examples)


Here are some of the terms that I have run across over the years. Especially during the Street Theater that I experienced years ago during the beginning of my targeting as a Targeted Individual.

Devowed- Assumably, no one vows their loyalty to you. You are ultimately being eliminative. No family, no peers.

Refrigerator- I was being told during my street theater (that was especially catered for me)…

“You are in D’s Refrigerator.”

From what I gathered during this theater, the Refrigerator meant that I was either trapped in a harem of prostitutes and thugs or I was in a ring of people that were referred to as the ‘Refrigerator’. (Possibly a cult.)  If the letter D stood for something, I have no idea what, but… I can surely guess. I have met many people with that initial. Assuming that it was what they were referring to. I remember watching a movie just a few nights ago that made mention of the word refrigerator in the almost the same context. It solidified the fact that I am not crazy. At least to me anyway. I have never in my life had any questions about my mentality. At least not until now. They have put me in a ‘Refrigerator? Really? And they question my mentality? Seriously? Yes, there are a lot of question marks.

Now, just to put it to you in a simple fashion…

Many of the D’s in my life were members of my track team…

One of the D’s brought me, as a guest, on a talk show called ‘Tempestt’ in Manhattan New York. You know whom I am referring to. She was the daughter of Bill Crosby on ‘The Cosby Show’. But if he had anything to do with it, why was torturing me that serious?


Kenny Lewis, Sr., my track coach at George Washington High School. He was an ex NFL player.  Not a D, of course was a coach for football and track are GWHS. And, sadly enough, I am in my right mind to think that some of the members of my team may have been government affiliated.  Possibly because of Kenny. Not really sure but I do have my reasons for thinking that this could be so. What was Kenny in to? I saw him sitting in a chair at the DMV one day and he could barely look at me. Why?


Lovely family…

I know that some people like to keep their lives private but there are a few that I cannot find out anything at all.  Not to make assumptions on this but I am just saying. Kenny was very handsome, wasn’t he. And ladies, he knew it too. Was he CIA, perhaps? He played for the New York Jets in the 80’s. A team in which I have only one other affiliation. He was an excellent coach but even then, some things were very strange where the team was concerned. I am going to lend it to professional training that the male team should have been in the Olympics. I kid you not.

One day, I was in Food Lion in Danville and I ran into an ex-member of the track team. His last name was Nuby and I kid you not. He was glowing as if he was Jesus Christ himself. And I am not talking about the type of glow that pregnant women get. He was, literally, glowing as if he had lights surrounding his body. I have seen only two other people with that particular glow. One guy that I six not know at a family barbecue and a guy that I had a previous relationship with. His name was Timothy Garland, an ex-lover. ( Might as well tell the truth now before they kill me.) What is the government doing to these people? That is, if it is the government at all.

Now, as I was saying…

Debaug- (Not sure if that is how it is spelled but it is definitely how it sounded.) The process of using a machine in order to create the perfect body.

Bake- From what was explained to me through their voice technology, this was the technological process of physical change and debauging was the beginning of the program.

1. They send you to New York (Believe me, I am not making this up.)

2. They put you in a machine (According to the not-so fairy tale.)

3. They bake you in this machine. Baking meaning that your body is being transformed.

4. After baking, they take you out and voile! You have the body of your dreams. You can even have a body identical to your favorite celebrity. They claimed that they could even scent your body so that it never goes away. In other words, if I want my body to smell like my favorite Gucci fagrance, then I can smell that way permanently. (Doesn’t this sound like Transhumanism? It did to me.)

4. They can even make you taller, muscular, or whatever it is that you want to change about yourself. I can recall that they offered to Gucci a tattoo on my belly button. Yes. You heard me right. A tattoo designed by Gucci. I know, this is pretty deep. But please believe me, I will volunteer a brain fingerprinting just to prove that I am not lying to you. I am very serious. This type of street theatre really happened. Unbelievable, I know, but, of course, I was the Trillion Dollar Baby. For some reason, they made it seem as if I were really special.

*And as on one of the perps just said, (yes,they are still watching), “They don’t have to do that.” I also know this to fact. It’s hard to explain how they can change your body at the push of a button, but they can. I have personal experience with that too.

Neffertti- The radiation of a target’s body after a point on an object, whether indoors or outdoors that is ignited by manual force after the target is calibrated by using projectiles from their system to lock the target in. (They have claimed to use CAD programming.)

For example, someone can hit a a wall and, as a result, the target is immediately radiated or, what I like to call, fried by their perpetrators.


I know! This is all so totally looney! But I promise you. I am not making this up. Even as a writer, I couldn’t because I have never had the stomach for Sci-Fi movies. In other words, it would be difficult for me to write about it. The Ex Files was traumatizing for me and the Ouija board never helped that situation. And just in case anyone is wondering, yes, that damn board works. I have had three of them that simply disappeared. Believe it or not.

Now, I have had so many people of influence in my life. Why am I going through what I am going through? Or… is it the people that have had that influence the problem?

Can anyone tell me why I am really going through this?

Thanks for listening. God Bless.







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