The Latest Perp Conversations That I Never Want Hear



From 1-22-16 to 1-24-16, these are the quotes that I have been subjected to by my perp following for your viewing pleasure. And just so that you know, these conversations are not fabricated for publicity purposes. They are true to life confessions of their intentions. Deplorable people that have no life outside of controlling ours and there are many of them. What you are about to read was said, not by just one person, but many. The quotes were taken from either prior posts or were those that I may never have mentioned before and are quoted verbatim.


“He wants to see you helpless.”

“You are being untreated.”

“They think they got you seared.”

“You’ll only hate her.”

“We ain’t finished your vandal.”

“You ain’t gonna do nothing.”

“They see its deep.”

“We ain’t stole all the family goods.”

“They know how deep you ain’t hoved.” (I am going to assume that ‘hov’ is short for hover.)

“You got a flash to the face.” (And I did the moment before ‘she’ said this late this morning after waking up.)

“They see you are a victim.”

“They see you don’t have aides.” (Or AIDS, not sure which one they meant.)

“You did get a lot of hawks.”

(Or Hawks, NBA, not sure what they meant by this either. This wouldn’t be true if they meant the professional team or at least I don’t think so. I do remember that while going in college in Buckhead, Atlanta, Ga. in the 90s, one of my roommates and I were picked up by a total stranger at a bus stop. He asked us if we wanted to go to a free Hawks game. We were skeptical at first, but we felt that we would be ok as long as we were together so we did and had a great time. I can’t even remember the guys name but he ended up being pretty cool. And I never knew his relationship with the team that he got us in for free. Yeah, we were definitely draw devils back then.)

“They see we lied to do.”

“You being backed.”

“You know who dueling deals.”

“That don’t make sluts happy.”

“They dealing MJ.” (Huh? This one I am not completely sure about.)

“They trying to deep you off feelings.”

“They see ya’ll dogged internationals.”

“That means ya’ll ain’t late.”

“Now they know who is being demoted.”

“You lost your life.”

“How she really lows your life.”

“This is going to be historic.”

“Now they see its a ring.”

“Your going to be magistrative.”

“You made yahtzee.”

“You ain’t got no hop.”

“You’re being DOMed.”

“You ain’t suppose to be good-looking.”

“At least you ain’t in relieved.”

“You were never in delivery.”

“We like stupid b!#tches.”

And for some reason, they are always referring to others called ‘The Dough’. Coincidentally, that name was mentioned on a blog called Confessions of a Gang Stalker- Life in the Syndicate where he explained that The Dough were the “moneybags” of his organization. But… they never knew who was sending them orders. Yeah, it was a wow moment for me too. And now he is also a Targeted Individual.



Now, does the above conversations sound like they would come from the mind of a schizophrenic? I’m sorry but even in my conscious mind, I never spoke like this. What reason would have to mention words like DOM, hove, yahtzee ( which I never play), hop, etc.?

Honestly, there is no reason whatsoever in any context. And to think that this goes on 24 hours a day for 365 days in a year! I am exhausted!

What they need to be hovering is a sign that says ‘Welcome To Skankville.”

Thanks for listening. God Bless.






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