Hey, Little Girl-A Poem


Hey, Little Girl

By mstmha


A nimbus ribboned,

Sweetened delight

Was THAT little girl.


Grooving to her own rhythm.

Hips popping to the beat.

She was THAT little girl.


Twirling through life

To the ripple of her own Boom Bada.

She swinged and waved with a new Na Na.


A happy brown-skinned sweet,

Glowing as the music roared.

With a rose-esque grin,

She leaped.


Beaming as a Vamboom! teen.

Girl, swing those hips!

You are a Lambada dream!



And even aged so womanly.

Leaning only thirty-nine degrees.

She’s still THAT little girl

Prancing in the street.


Enchanting is she.

Raging pirouettes around her enemies.

Jealous of that allegro coffee.

She’s still THAT little girl.


Softly smooching their blah, blah, blah

She moves regally downstage…Bam Boom!


Never resting to see

The joy that she brings.


Little Girl!









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