“He wants to see you helpless.”

NSAM08 17x11_txt rep_v2.indd


“He wants to see you helpless,” the man says in the early morn.

But which He was he referring to?  There are so many He’s in my targeting to be ridiculous.

“He wants to keep you in vandal,” another man says this afternoon.


Why is this He so determined to see me hurt? Especially after so many years of intentionally tearing apart my life, my body, and family while attempting to cover it up along the way. Even radiating me still to their hearts content. Will He ever stop?

Why is it so important that He does this? Am I the only target that He has in Danville, Va. to the point that He can’t concentrate on anyone else but me?

What is so serious that He has to act this way? And, again, who the hell is he anyway?





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