“Quilted”-A Poem




By mstmha


Quilted in patchworks of sin.

Blanketed in altered reality.

Appliqued in government deceit

And Gula notoriety.


Striped in red, black, and green.

Motifs so negligently laid.

Kaleidoscopes with batiks of sloth

And despair amongst its prey.


Blocks of venal red and black,

Reeking of nether.

Hemmed in avarice of long green.

Bonded with faux tether.


Batting wooled with thready lies.

Reveling in no defeat.

Bearding the revelations of fate

While warming its tyranny.




Gula- Catholic spiritual pieta that means ‘greed’

batik- cloth with a design made of dyeing only the parts not coated with wax

venal- characterized by bribery or corruption

nether- lower or under; nether world

long green- money

tether- the limits of ones abilities

bearding- disguising


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