No Freedom To Be Seen


I attempted to go to sleep sometime after 2am this morning and, as usual, these criminals would not leave me alone. I could barely close my eyes before they were firing up their weapons.

This has been happening every night since the 3rd day of my arrival to Danville. I will never forget that it started on a Wed. night in October of last year. They began using these horrible electrotasers and others after I quit my job at Schewels Furniture in June of 2012 and it hasn’t stopped since. I am being assaulted on a daily basis and it doesn’t seem as if it will end.

Early this morning, twice I was hit by lasers that felt like lightning bolts to my back with various pulses in between.

For the past two days, the screamers that are always heard but not seen have the word ‘Pakistani’ rolling from their lips constantly. In my opinion, it would not be farfetched if Pakistani’s were my assailants.

I have met more Indians from those areas during my targeting than I have met in my entire life and it seemed to me that they were all involved. It was in the things that they said and the things that they did.

In Georgia, I met a man who worked for a gas station who was from Punjab. His dream was to buy a gas station of his own. He claimed that he use to work for the United Nations as a translator in the past until he was arrested by them. He served about 18 months if I remember correctly but pretended that he had no idea why he had been punished. Soon after, he arrived in America with a Presidential letter in tow that said congratulations. He was now an American citizen with a pat on the back from the President of the United States. His crime was expunged.

He later became a cab driver in New York City and, eventually, a gas station attendent with a dream. He also claimed that he wanted to ‘marry me’ because he was in love but I never could take him seriouslove just couldn’t. The whole situation seemed fishy to me but I made light of it all. And the only thing that I could say to his proposal was, “I guess we will have to see.”

I knew this guy for what felt like five minutes yet he was proclaiming that he was in love with me. I hope that you now have a better picture of the extremities that are used in order to get close to their victims.

It was also a good thing that I never got my heart tied up in that relationship because he soon disappeared. Never to be seen or heard from again. Thank goodness I had already sworn away sex. In my opinion, he just had a job to do. It came to the point where he was so miserable at his job that he quit and began employment with another station closer to the airport. Promising that he would come and visit everyday but it never happened. The guy even met a few of my family members who had no qualms in giving him ideas on what to buy them for Christmas. They never received them.

Even Pradeep, the name that is screamed ever so often, if it is the same person, is from Nepal. Right next to Pakistan. And my Lead at Macy’s was also Indian. He had the batting of the hand down packed.

So. As I have said before, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit that they are very involved.  Their network is so big that its scary.

Also, why do they sometimes scream ‘SHELL’ so often. Do they mean the oil and gas company? If so, why are they telling me?

Obviously, they are not worried about being caught. Their egos are villainous.

Now, I guess the thing that bothers me the most about all of this is the fact that America is allowing these terrorists to get away with it. And …they are taking our people with them… straight to hell. But why?

Thanks for listening. God Bless.












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